Harvard Professors Warns War-Torn Countries Will Miss The Global Vaccine Goals in 2023

War-torn countries have a lot on their plate to deal with. Throw in the pandemic, and it becomes even more of a mess.

Naturally, no one can take care and handle everything at once so it is fairly obvious that they will miss the World Health Organization’s goal of vaccination, where it was stated that about 70% of the population is going to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 by the middle of next year.

Health leaders agreed on this matter at a conference that they had this Monday. This is indeed a serious issue that needs to be looked into because even in a war-torn country, the people are still human, and they are already suffering from the horrors of war. They do not need additional suffering from a global pandemic.

Harvard professors warn that war-torn countries will miss global vaccine goals in 2022

“We are here, and we are talking about 70% of the population to be vaccinated for the better of the world by mid-2022,” Bruderlein said in a statement regarding the already set standards of the WHO’s target.

“There is simply no way in this universe that the countries who are in the middle of conflict will be able to reach any of these goals.”

What he says makes sense, and it is blindly obvious. Amid the problems of dealing with killing and fighting, and chaos, vaccines are not being distributed at a higher rate.

That goes to say that people are going to do the best they could, but the number of people who are actually getting the shots is not very high. It is not high enough to reach the set goals of WHO.

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Even countries that are not war-torn are having trouble reaching that goal, let alone the countries in a state of conflict.

“Really, the biggest problem that we are facing right now is this vaccine shortage,” Drexler said in a statement.

“The COVAX facility, which is now responsible for the distribution of vaccines all into the low-income countries, are saying that they are desperately short of doses. So really, there’s a global equity problem right now.”