WHO Calls Distribution of Covid Boosters A ‘Scandal’

WHO had been in a tight situation since the beginning of the pandemic. They are now calling the distribution of the booster shots in the United States a scandal as poorer nations are struggling to get even the first shot. This is really a sad state of affairs where the disparities between the rich and the poor can be seen.

It is really troubling to see that countries like the United States have achieved so much because they have the finances. Most people who want to get vaccinated have been given the two coronavirus vaccines, and now they are distributing the booster shots and the vaccine for kids.

WHO calls distribution of Covid boosters a ‘scandal’ as poor nations struggle to get first shots

While the Countries that are poorer and underdeveloped are having a hard time giving their citizens even the first dose of vaccine. While in the United States, it is a matter of choice to get the vaccine or abstain from it because of certain beliefs and values that people may hold, the other countries who are poor have to fight even to get the first shot. The frustration of WHO is truly something that has been felt by the people.

“Every day, there are six times more boosters administered globally than primary doses in low-income countries,” Tedros said. “This is a scandal that must stop now.”

WHO previously had the target to vaccinate almost 40% of the population of all the Countries over the world but currently, we find that more than 100 countries are falling short on this goal.

This is all happening because of the imbalance in the funds and the money. Poor people in poor countries are suffering Where they do not even have the opportunity to afford a vaccine to save their lives. It is truly a pitiful situation.

“In the Northern Hemisphere, we are entering the winter months. People will spend more time indoors,” Van Kerkhove said. “What we are saying to all countries right now is look at your situation, critically assess the situation that you’re in right now, and make adjustments.”