What Are the Easiest Online Casino Games

Online casinos are giving their users many options for games to play. And while this is all-time good news, some of the users are searching for the games that are the simplest to play, the ones that are for sure fun to try, but also effortless to learn.

A casino game can be reviewed as easy to play if it can check these three boxes: the winning process is easy, for it to have simple rules and a quick process for creating an account or logging in.

Because there is a high percentage of players that use mobile devices, online casino games do have most of these factors. And so, the users can experience the best version of gambling, with no problem whatsoever.

To gamble online has convinced many users that it is highly convenient. The players get to have a great time without any unpleasant distractions. They get to choose if they want an economical level of gambling or a more expensive one. And another very important detail, NJ online casinos present promotions and rewards of better value than traditional gambling venues.

Gambling Online


Variance of Winnings

For sure, the users that are not completely new to gambling online know that there are games that will offer recurrent winnings. And, as follows, games that rarely pay. The fluctuation is also known as a variance. This term is all about the differences in chances to win.

You can get a fast evaluation of the variance of a game, by checking its prize section. A title that presents very attractive amounts of money, the ones that have impressive jackpots, will also have greater variance. This means, the bigger the variance, the longer it will take for the user to win.

For this reason, Blackjack is considered to be one of the best options. The game has a house edge that is good for the players, the general statistics are 2.5%. But the game does need for the player to have some gambling abilities. Whilst in other types of games, even if the advantage of the casino is higher, it can be profitable even for someone that has never placed a bet.

Playing Baccarat also has a house edge that is very attractive for a player, the number is around 1%. And there are also slot machines that offer the same percentage as an advantage for the platform.

Variance of Winnings

Games That Have Simple Guidelines

Slot machines are still considered to be the easiest to play. Maybe not just as simple as they used to be, when all the player had to do was to pull the handle and enjoy the spinning of the reels and when all it was to be checked were the 3 special characters of the game.

Even if it seemed that it didn’t get simpler than this, the machines actually had a complex system. And the gamblers were convinced that many spins were just almost failures because they got 2 out of 3 characters. When actually they were full fails as the game had many empty spaces in the reels.

Now, the games have to display a character in each and every one of its positions. The game is extremely entertaining, it has the easiest rules and it is also low-grade for risk.

Blackjack has the simplest rules among all the games of cards and your bets are placed against the house. Not competing with another player that could have better skills and even strategies, makes the game easy to play and one with great winning chances.

Another good option for a game with easy-to-follow rules is Roulette. The game has many variants, but for online players, the most common are Live Roulette and Classic Roulette. In the live roulette mode, there are more real players.

As for the regular mode, there is just the computer. Even though there are many options for placing the bets, a lot of numbers, colors, outside bets, and inside bets, roulette can be learned fast and is a thrilling game.

Other Online Casino Games That are Very Easy to Play

Even though they don’t have the same level of popularity as the games mentioned above, there are many gamblers that love Baccarat or Poker.

Playing Baccarat can be just as fun as playing slot machines. It is viewed as a game of great elegance, with a faster pace and easy rules. The game has more modes of playing it, often players choose the American Baccarat. This version is also named Punto Banco and for it to be played there are necessary 6 or even 8 decks of cards. The player is gambling against the house and the winner is the one that reaches the closest to a total value of 9.

Poker has a few versions that are considered to be simpler. One of these is Pai Gow Poker which is best described as a game of Baccarat but using cards. It’s a game that offers a very refreshing general feeling.

The deck of cards is a regular one, containing 52 cards. And even though it’s poker, the bets go against the house and not against the other players. Every participant is dealt 7 cards that are divided into 2 hands, one of 5 cards and one of 2 cards, from which the player has to make the highest combinations.  For a player to win, he has to have both hands better than the cards of the house.

For sure the users of online casinos have discovered the benefits of this form of gambling: easy access, simple rules to follow, constant bonuses, and an impressive list of games. It’s only clear this industry is expected to have an outstanding evolution.