5 Best Money Making Apps in 2023

If you want to make money easily then there are many apps that do provide revenues to you by making you take a short survey, do a side project or you can sell your unwanted stuff there, and many more things.

Money Making Apps


5 Best Money Making Apps in 2023

There are many free money making apps that have four stars as a rating, many reviews, and are easily available in the Google Play Store or iOS app store.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta has over 1500 brands and retail chains, from where you will be able to earn cashback if you do purchase online or from in-stores. It initially was only for groceries but later included clothing, entertainment, pet supplies, and many other categories. There are product or retailer-specific offers as well as some offers are applied automatically. For getting more offers you need to watch some video or take a poll.

You will get cashback if you submit the receipt in the app, that you have got after shopping in-store or you can link to the retailer’s loyalty account and do purchase a retailer gift card from this app. If you shop online, then you can shop from the app itself and you will get the cash back after that. Payment is done through PayPal, gift card or directly to your bank account. This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

Pros: For in-store purchases, you get the cashback very fast i.e. within 24 hours. It provides you up to $20 welcome bonus, referral bonuses and has different payment methods.

Cons: The process of money-making might be slow. As you need a minimum $20 as cashback for redeeming the amount that you have earned. In the case of online shopping, the pending period of giving the cashback depends on the retailer. If you purchase something then it might take months to get the credit.

2. Rakuten

Rakuten was earlier known as Ebates. If you do purchases from popular retailers, restaurants, and food delivery services then you can get rewards with up to 40% cashback. You can also get cashback for travel, gift cards, and others. You need to make an account, select the deals from the app and then do the necessary transactions via the portal.

A credit or debit card can be linked to the account for getting cashback from in-stores but you need to activate the deal from the app first. After the confirmation of the purchase with the retailer, you will get the cashback credited to your account which might take a few hours or several days. The mode of payment is via PayPal or check. It can be downloaded in Android or iOS.

Pros: Cashback is permitted to many of the stores and purchases that you make. You just need to find the right deal for you to shop. You might earn from referral bonuses or if you just sign up.

Cons: If you spend money then you will receive money, so this is case with all cashback services. You will require a $5 cashback balance to receive the money and you will get your payment after three months.

3. Swagbucks

You have to shop, take polls, watch videos, play games, or do other tasks via Swagbucks and earn points. You will get gift cards or cashback by just redeeming these points. The points varies from task to task like for doing surveys you might get 40 to 200 points. Whatever payment option you will select depends totally on the required minimum balance and you might get gift cards for 140 points also. The payment method is via gift card or PayPal. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

Pros: You don’t have to wait much to receive the cash as after you redeem the points, you get the payment within 10 business days.

Cons: For one point you will just get a cent. It will take much time and effort to get a good amount of money. It might happen that you don’t qualify for every survey or task and the surveys might stop in middle of taking them.

4. Fiverr

It has over 200 categories of gigs like programming, video, animation, etc. A profile as a seller needs to be created where you will highlight your expertise. You need to post the gig you offer with its price and descriptions. Buyers, who are your clients would order from there.

After you do your job, you will get paid. Depending upon the seller’s performance they are promoted to levels. After moving up each of the levels, you will be able to increase your sales. The payment is done to PayPal or directly to your bank account or through Fiverr revenue card. It works on Android and iOS.

Pros: Buyers will come to you and for that no tracking is required. You will get tips also.

Cons: from every gig and tips you earn, 20% will be taken by it. You have to wait for 14 days to withdraw money after every order is been completed.

5. Upwork

For a market place, it connects all the freelancers to gigs for writing, design, marketing, and other categories. You have to make a profile where you have to give some info like which field you are interested in, what are your qualifications, your availability, and your rate. After this, you can submit proposals. Your proposals will be reviewed by the clients and if it fits then they will offer to projects to you.

When you will be submitting the proposals, you need to pay a small amount for that. You will be paid on an hourly basis or per project. The payment modes are through PayPal, directly to your bank account, via wire transfer, instant pay, or by Payoneer. It is available on Android and iOS.

Pros: It helps to establish good relationships with clients. You can fix your rate or schedule as per your choice.

Cons: If contact any of the clients then a sum is required. A service fee is also charged. You have to wait for 10 days to get your payment.


The money making apps listed here are free and you also get many benefits from these apps. Once you start using them, you will know that gradually.