Vue.js. Pros and Cons

We are fully aware of the fierce market rivalry. Modern businesses use more modern frameworks to differentiate themselves from the competition. What’s more, with the emergence of new frameworks, the dilemma of whether or not to test the waters by erecting barriers arises. Alternatively, what if one missed a great chance by not exploiting it?

The Vue.js framework’s popularity is rising quickly as we speak about it. Even React JS and Angular JS have been rated lower than it.




Describe Vue.js.

The creation of Vue.js occurred in February 2014. In its most basic form, Vue.js is an easy-to-learn open-source JavaScript front-end framework.

Evan You created Vue.js. The origin of the Vue.js concept is much more remarkable. Being primarily involved in the AngularJS project made Evan a Google employee. Evan had the idea to build a lightweight framework one day. Vue.js was created as a consequence of his attempt to extract the best features of AngularJS.

In a nutshell, Vue.js enables the creation of stunning front-end user interfaces. Simple features may be the starting point, and as you advance, you can utilize tools to develop more complicated features. When you are familiar with Vue.js’ features, this becomes more obvious. Vue.js developer is a quick method to satisfy your requirements.

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Vue.js’s Benefits And Drawbacks

The second most widely used framework right now is vue.js. Let’s examine what attracts web developers to it and what repels them.

Benefits of Vue.js

We’ll start by going through Vue.js’ advantages.

Small Size

With a download size of just 18 KB, Vue.js is very small compared to competing frameworks that have far larger sizes. Vue.js, despite its size, will enhance your front-end application’s SEO and user experience.

Component of a Single File and Readability

Due to the component-based design used by Vue.js, big sections of code are divided into smaller components. Vue.js also promotes readability and simplicity by treating everything as a component, with each component being authored in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Dependable Tooling System

Numerous frontend development tools are supported by Vue.js right out of the box and need very little setup on your part. Vue.js, for instance, supports programs like Babel and Webpack. It also has server-side rendering (SSR), state management, configurable routing, and more built right in for your convenience.

Simple to Use

If you’ve ever used Vue.js, you’ll understand how user-friendly it is. It modernizes the conventional method of web programming, making it simple for any novice to get started and feel at ease with only a few practices.

Drawbacks of Vue.js

After discussing the advantages of Vue.js, let’s move on to the disadvantages.

Complexity Reactivity

Vue.js’s two-way binding implementation is a useful tool for managing Vue.js components. Data sharing between a component class and its template is referred to as “two-way binding,” and it was created so that when data changes in one place, it also immediately updates the others.

However, there is a problem with the way the reactivity system works since it only presents the data that is activated. Data must sometimes be flattened since reading errors can occur. On the Vue.js website, you may learn about this known problem and how it is fixed.

Language Disparity

Vue.js was first mostly used by Chinese developers, and big businesses like Xiaomi and Alibaba helped to make it popular and in demand on the job market. The widespread use by Chinese businesses, however, meant that many online resources like forums and discussion channels were written mostly in Chinese, making it challenging for developers who could not know the language to use them.

Today, this isn’t the case since Vue.js has developed to include support for many languages, however certain languages still have less support than others.


Overly Flexible Risks

Vue.js is incredibly user-friendly and adaptable, as was already said. Since everyone on an enterprise team may have a different perspective on how to do a task, it is simple to have a lot of spaghetti code everywhere.

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The advantages of Vue.js come into play when it comes to developing a useful SPA or UI. The majority of the time, nevertheless, simpler applications are created using this framework. It may be wiser to consider different frameworks if you need to develop a large-scale project.

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