Why Does Slick Rick Wear an Eyepatch

Slick A large portion of Rick’s vision has been lost for quite some time now. Why does he have an eye patch on? All of the rapper’s information is here, including his biography.

Slick A British-born American rapper and record producer, Rick goes by the stage name Richard Martin Lloyd Walters.

After joining Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew in the 1980s, he earned national prominence. Both “The Show” and “La Di Da Di,” released in 1977, are considered hip hop classics. Many other songs have sampled La Di Da Di’s music.

Why Does Slick Rick Wear an Eyepatch

When Def Jam Records first opened its doors in 1986, Rick was the third artist signed to the firm.

Slick lost his vision in his right eye after he was injured. A piece of broken glass damaged his right eye as a result of the accident.


Is Slick. Have you, Rick Eye, Ever Learned what Became of him?

Slick As a result of the incident, Rick is now legally blind in his right eye. A shattered window was to blame for the incident, and a shard of glass struck him in the right eye.

If the damage had been discovered sooner, there’s a chance that some of the vision could have been saved.

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Slick had gone to a local hip-hop concert to polish his open-mic performance abilities. Slick wore dark shades the night before the event.

When Slick was younger, his early drug use was attributed to the fact that he had to wear his distinctive eye patch because of an injury, which turned out to be false.

Why does he have an Eye Patch on?

An 18-month-old Slick’s eye defect is the primary reason he is always wearing a bandage over one of his eyes.

Additionally, the incident had a profound effect on his personal life and the history of hip-hop music.. To avoid feeling self-conscious after his car accident, Slick stayed indoors and wrote stories rather than going outside to play.

Another way in which Rick may have distinguished himself from the rest of the Bronx’s historic Hip-Hop culture was by wearing dark shades or an eye patch for the most of his life.

It was because of this that he became interested in art in the first place, he claims, citing eye injury. Because of his British accent and eye patch, everyone who heard him rap was guaranteed to remember it. According to the vast majority of his fans, he is the only person they’ve ever encountered who looks like him.

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