Top Trends in React Development

JavaScript has dominated trends for several years due to its versatility, which allows cross-platform application coding. Many developers prefer using this programming language and development capabilities:

  • introduction of new technologies;
  • compatibility with different platforms;
  • recognizability and fast launch of applications and much more.

Hire React Developer will allow you to follow trends and offer the market a unique product that will be attractive and comfortable to use, and most importantly useful. This trend is associated, in particular, with new revolutionary mobile technologies and the need to adapt the design and development format to the new requirements of search engines and customer interests.

Top Trends in React Development


New Programming Languages ​​on the Horizon

While new languages ​​such as Ballerina and Dark are not currently popular, you should still keep an eye out for these languages.

Ballerina is an open-source programming language and platform that makes it easy to build software and applications in the cloud era. Ballerina aims to simplify the integration of distributed services into applications.

Dark is a programming language that allows you to create server-side applications without accidentally adding complexity to your code — in other words, building server-side applications “without deployment”. Despite the fact that Dark is still in its experimental stage, the emergence of such tools shows new possibilities in programming.

WebAssembly: the next technology to have a significant impact on web development?

WebAssembly is a technology that allows multiple programming languages ​​to run on the web at near-native speeds that weren’t possible before. Today WebAssembly is supported by most search engines. Then we should see the first WebAssembly-based applications by 2020, and this is just the beginning!

React Still Dominates Front-End Technologies?

Although React seems to be the most popular Front-End technology for developers due to its flexibility and simplicity, Front-End developers continue to use Angular as much as React.

React Still Dominates Front-End Technologies

However, examining the statistics of queries in the Google search engine, React Development Company is in demand in the IT services market. This is due to a number of factors that affect success:

  • the ability to speed up page loading;
  • faster data processing;
  • convenient templates and mechanisms for implementing tasks.

Front-end technologies will continue to be popular in the future, as it is front-end technology that allows you to make design adjustments, affect conversions, and much more. It’s no secret that first of all, a person perceives a picture that is either capable of attracting his attention and interest, or not.

Updates Accommodation

With React continuing to evolve further, we should expect new updates this year to bring even more attention to data processing speed, security, design, and more. Ecodelogic can help you with react native development. Speaking about the latest trends in the field of IT services, a significant role is played by some new products that are not so widely used, but more than promising.

For example, AI technology allows you to collect and analyze data that one person or even a team of specialists would have to do much longer.

Augmented and virtual reality, new developments in medicine, technology. All this forces developers to offer the market more and more new and interesting.