5 Best Open Source Software to Try in 2023

OSS stands for Open Source Software. OSS is a type of computer software in which the source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder gives users the right to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose, so a coder will use its program May extend functionality.


5 Best Open Source Software to Try in 2023

So here are some OSEs to help you try in 2023 as they have a great feature and solution.

Editor’s Choice:

1. Krita

Krita is an open source drawing application for digital art, paint, and 3D animations. Krita helps you to edit for graphics. Krita allowed to edit with layers apply filters and use brushes and color with professional guidelines; Krita supports different formats like PSD, PNG, JPEG, BMP, RAW, BMP, etc. It runs on Windows OS, macOS, Unix, Linux. It is a great creation for graphics designing.

Krita gives so many features for an artist to use.

1. User experience design.

2. Painting tools.

3. Animation tools.

4. Vector tool.

5. Layer and masks.

6. Customization.

7. Display.

8. Filters.

9. File format supported.

You also can use Krita’s other useful parts like Krita Gemini, Krita Studio, etc. It mainly works for a portrait and picture format. Krita gives tutorials for beginner artists.

2. LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a free and open-source office software tool. LibreOffice is available for  Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux. LibreOffice tool programs are for word processing, the editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams, drawings, using databases, and calculating. It is available in 115 languages. LibreOffice has always been updated according to changing times, due to which it is so popular today.

Some LibreOffice features are:-

1. Draw – draw is a vector graphics editor similar as Microsoft Visio. It works as a PDF file editor.

2. Base – Base is a database management system software (DBMS) similar as Microsoft access.

3. Math – Math is software for edit mathematical formulas using XML.

4. Impress – Impress is a presentation program application resembling Microsoft PowerPoint.

5. Calc – Calc is a  spreadsheet program similar as Microsoft excel or lotus1-2-3.

6. LibreOffice basic – LibreOffice basic is a programming language similar as Microsoft visual basic for applications to write small programs.

7. Writer – Writer, is a word processing program similar as Microsoft word or word processor.

3. Notepad++

Notepad++ is free and open-source software using as a source code editor or a text editor. It is built by Microsoft windows. Notepad++ is a very popular tool for coders. It allows coders to work with multiple open files on a single tab, So Notepad++ is a better form of notepad.


1. Tabbed document interface.

2. Simultaneous editing.

3. Split-screen editing and synchronized scrolling.

4. Autosave.

6. Finding and replacing text with regular expressions.

4. Testdisk & PhotoRec

Testdisk and PhotoRec is a free and open-source data recovery utility software. This software is developed by Christophe Grenier. PhotoRec is shipped with Testdisk. PhotoRec is compatible with Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, ARM, SunOS, Dos, OpenBSD, etc. PhotoRec is a text-based user interface using data carving techniques, designed to recover lost files from your gallery and similar digital media. It can recover whole lost and deleted data in various file extension formats.2

5. Stu.io

In the old days, a studio is an artist’s workroom where some people work on their work and art. Today it is known as an office, and as such, Stu.io is an open-source digital desktop application that allows users to create Lego models for virtual parts. It is smart and will give you the ability to create digitally constructed models from your imaginary world. It has a great feature of what you can add to your model, and you can also order it directly.


With the development of software, the use of open-source software is increasing. The reason for the rapid increase in open source software is that updating in these Open Source Software can be done very easily with the help of source code, and it is also very easy to use. Open-source software has come as a new revolution in the growing digital world.

There are some more open source software like projects and contributors like drupal association, Debian, FreeBSD, Mozilla, Linux, WordPress, Wikimedia, etc.