We all know that the Google logo or the Google Doodle will change on special days. They can sometimes be a tribute to any special day or any tribute on some famous person’s birthday or such. It is a lot of fun to see the ideas they come up with, and we are not going to lie. The ideas are all really cool, and we love them. So we will tell you all about this new and recent Google Doodle that we say on Martin Luther King day.

It is a doodle that is for the civil rights movement. We all know about Martin Luther King Jr.. He inspired many of us. He had been a great leader, and we are all very proud of that man. He is a hero, and we are all here for the tribute that he got on his day by Google for all the work he did for civil rights.

Google Doodle highlights the course of civil rights movement for MLK Day

We are sure that you will be bored if we are telling you all about the history of Martin Luther King Jr. He has been a great person of prominence, and we all know about him by heart, so there is no need to go into much detail about his early life. The civil rights movement is not only one movement. It is a movement that is still ongoing every day in every year. People are still fighting for some of the other kinds of civil rights.

We are all here celebrating that day to make sure that we remember his contributions to the civil rights movement and that we are still walking in the same direction. The Google Doodle tribute seemed good, and we are happy that they gave him the tribute even after so many years. That is all that we have now.