Germany’s Winter Covid Strategy

The new restrictions to be imposed on Germany to make sure that Covid is not spreading that much is in plan and the German health minister is on the case. Health Minister Jens Spahn has outlined proposals to parliament and representatives of Germany’s 16 federal states detailing how the country should handle the pandemic in the coming months.

The country’s new Covid plan, entitled: “Safely through Autumn and Winter,” was first reported by German media outlets DPA and Suddeutsche Zeitung.

More than 44.5 million people in Germany, roughly 53% of the overall population, are fully vaccinated against the virus.

Germany's Winter Covid Strategy

The restrictions that are being set is going to be one of the strictest in Europe. This shows that only those who are vaccinated and those who have recovered along with those who are able to show a negative test report can be allowed to enter into certain places. This obviously includes public places like parks, restaurants, schools, etc. Masks are made mandatory too.

This was referred to as the “3G rule,” referring to the German terms for vaccinated (geimpft), recovered (genesen), and tested (getestet). The policy is already in place for several areas of public life, including air travel and hotel stays.

Speaking at her last summer federal press conference as chancellor late last month, Merkel once again called for vaccinations. “The more of us are vaccinated, the more freedom we will regain.”

“I say to all those of you who are still unsure: A vaccination doesn’t just protect you, it protects the people you care about, the people who mean a lot to you, your loved ones,” Merkel said.

So is this a good step? Yes obviously since the delta variant is rapidly spreading and can cause huge scale infection in the worst possible way. It’s better to be safe than sorry.