Why Gaming is Important for Mind

Let us be honest we all love to play video games. I am still playing video games to this age, and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. However, we often hear that video games are not suitable for us and affect our health. Well, let us tell you that that’s not entirely true.

Some many positive sides or effects that come from playing video games. This article will discuss the Top 5 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain. Next time someone comments on video games, you will know the reply.

Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain and Body


Top 5 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why Playing Video Games is Good for Your Brain. Playing video games is not always bad, and we will prove why. To know more about this, go through the entire article. Let’s get right into it.

1. Memory

Now, this is the most important factor of playing video games. If you have built your civilization in Minecraft or have fought in Fortnight, you know how important it is to remember where you will find the resources or the general pathway.

When you are navigating the virtual world of video games while performing tasks, you are working the brain’s hippocampus. This part of your brain helps in storing long-term memory.

Therefore you are improving your memory while playing these games. This has a positive impact on your everyday life as you seem to remember more and more. Casino games also play a vital role in increasing memory. You can choose one of the many best online casinos to have fun. Moreover, video games can help you keep your memory sharp and keen.

2. Perception and Vision

When you are playing action video games, you develop a keen sense of perception and vision. In certain situations within the game, you have to make an important decision, and you have to make it quickly. In such a case, you learn to realize which one is the choice that you should make and which should be left behind or ignored. This keen sense of perception helps the player to survive in the video game.

video games can develop Perception and Vision

Similarly, a study showed that those who played action games have a vision that helps them use gray cells. They can easily find their friends in the crowd, or they can easily find it if they drop something. This may sound made up to you, but it is the truth, and it does happen. Several essential experiments have proved it.

3. Problem Solving

The problem-solving abilities increase tenfold or even more when you play video games for quite some time. If you play strategic games where you are forced to solve complex problems yourself, you will get better at real-life problem-solving. It was shown in a study that when children played strategic games, they became more competent in solving their problems at school.

In video games, they leave the problem open-ended to try different methods and then figure out the situation’s solution by themselves. There are a trial and error method at work here. Even if they fail the first 10 times, they can still solve their problems by thinking of a way out. These traits of video games can be beneficial to people in real life. If you play strategic games, then you are probably a good problem solver in real life too.

4. Mood

Video games can be perfect for lifting your mood. There are different kinds of video games. Light and straightforward games like angry birds can lighten up your mood and make you feel better. These games are simple and do not take much time or effort to play. However, there are immersive games that ultimately draw you into their world.

Such games are perfect to forget about your worries. If you are too immersed in your in-game, your mind will not have the time to think about the different kinds of stuff you worry about. This is the right way of lifting your mood or even cheering yourself up.

5. Social Skills

It is believed that video games are wrong and that they destroy your social skills. This is not true. Yes, if you play excessive games, you might not have the time for social interaction, but your social skills will get better if you play video games mildly or moderately.

video games improve social skills

People who have anxiety or inadequate social skills can virtually communicate with other people easily. The gaming community is massive, with people from all over the world. Therefore, it is easier for introverts to take on a persona and then communicate with them virtually.

This social skill can be carried on to real-life too, and thus the confidence of the individual rises. Therefore you can say that social skills will get better if you moderately play video games. The people on the internet can be harsh at times, but sometimes it is gentle and helps us out.


I hope that this article has been eye-opening for you. Not all video games are useless, even though society tends to the term “they are.” Video games are indeed helpful to us in particular manners. We hope that you did get to learn something from this article. We tried our best to reason out the positive sides of playing video games.

Of course, prolonged playing of video games can damage your eyesight. So, play video games but don’t overdo it. Thank you so many guys for reading this article. Do recommend and share this article with others who still think that video games are bad. This might change their mind and help them see the truth. Have a great day and Happy gaming!