Download ESPN Plus Videos: Best ESPN Plus Downloader Y2Mate

There is something special about watching sports events. It can cause even normal people to behave irrationally, hurl abuses towards their TV screens, and collect souvenirs representing their favorite teams. It causes people to invest their time and energy and be crazy even when they are well aware their favorite team is either an underdog or only has a slight chance of winning.

Despite all the above, people love watching their favorite sports for various reasons. It provides them an opportunity to bond with loved ones, entertain themselves, show support for their favorite teams, take time off from daily chores, etc.

Download ESPN Plus Videos Best ESPN Plus Downloader Y2Mate

Some of the most popular sports events worldwide take place inside stadiums with limited seating capacity. As such, most of the population has to make do with watching their favorite sports on TV.

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Choosing a Sports Channel Like ESPN Plus

Today, many sports channels like Star Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sony, etc., broadcast international and local sports events in various countries.

Every sports channel has a niche to which it caters. One particular channel could be streaming cricket matches; another might be airing soccer or football games; a third channel might be broadcasting basketball events. Before the new laws took over, most sports and other entertainment channels were free for viewing, but now they cost money.

If you love multiple sports, you can have a hard time deciding how many sports channels to subscribe to. Unless you are a person for whom a few dollars spent here and there is no big deal, it is neither wise nor recommended to subscribe to every sports channel out there. So, what do you do in such a case? The answer is simple. You choose a sports channel that gives you access to your choice of multiple hot global sporting events.

What is this Post All About?

Most of us are big sports enthusiasts. Be it soccer, football, golf, tennis, cricket, boxing, MMA, basketball, or baseball, we are passionate about them all. And we are sure there are millions of others who share the same passion.

Given our never-ending passion for sports, we would naturally want to choose a sports channel that gives us the best of everything. Before we go ahead, let us clarify that we are not promoting any particular channel apart from strictly presenting our views on the services that various sports channels offer.

While every other sports channel primarily caters to a specific niche, ESPN is perhaps the only channel that satisfies the need to watch multiple hot sporting events worldwide on a single platform.

So, we thought it necessary to review ESPN’s newly-launched ESPN Plus service and the best option to download ESPN Plus content for offline viewing, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader. So folks, stay with us till this post ends because we are about to embark on a fun-filled journey. Let us begin.

Everything You Need to Know about ESPN Plus

ESPN Plus is a streaming service from the house of the sporting giant ESPN. It allows you access to live sports events like soccer, football, rugby, golf, tennis, cricket, boxing, MMA, basketball, baseball, original shows, documentaries, interviews, news, and updates that you cannot find anywhere else.

Although ESPN Plus shares plenty of attributes similar to the standard ESPN service, some of its features stand out. ESPN Plus gives you access to some of the biggest leagues and hot sporting events like the MLB, NHL, MLS, NBA, NFL, etc.

For example, subscribers get access to every out-of-market MLS game, along with one MLB and NHL game per day. The service also gives you access to golf PGA tours, international soccer league events, and top-tier boxing bouts. The icing on the cake is that ESPN Plus has the exclusive rights to stream live UFC events in the US.

What’s more, apart from sporting events, ESPN Plus features ad-free original content, including UFC Destined, Ariel & The Bad Guy, Dana White’s Contender Series, highlights shows, and several other sports documentaries. It also features TV shows and movies like the Daily Wager, High Noon, and others.

ESPN Plus Subscription Cost

One of the unique selling points of ESPN Plus is its subscription cost. For just $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year, you can get access to loads of hot sporting events.

And then there is one more good news. ESPN is jointly owned by Disney. So, if you are a hardcore sports and entertainment buff, you can get access to Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN Plus content, all bundled for a sum of $13.99 per month.

You can also combine ESPN Plus with other streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, etc.

Can You Download ESPN Plus Content for Offline Viewing?

The concern is genuine and legitimate. There isn’t much point in subscribing to a sports package that offers so much more because you cannot access the internet everywhere. Luckily though, ESPN Plus does provide the ability to download games and other content for offline viewing. Let us quickly understand how to download ESPN Plus content for offline viewing.

How to Download ESPN Plus Content for Offline Viewing?

The first step for downloading ESPN Plus content offline is to subscribe to the service. The next step is to download the ESPN app from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s app store. The third step is to allow the app access to your location.

Once you launch the app, head straight for the settings menu to sign in. Once done, return to the home screen and click on the ‘ESPN Plus’ logo to visit the standalone service’s interface. You will find the list of games or matches available to watch in the top row. Right below is a list of popular shows, upcoming events, and recently broadcast episodes.

If any content is available for download, you will find a download icon on its right. Alternatively, you can also click on the download button at the top left corner to see the list of content you can download. Once the download completes, you can access and watch it without connecting to the internet.

Problems with Downloading ESPN Plus Content Offline

The good thing about the offline download functionality offered by ESPN Plus is there are no download restrictions and no issues of expiry dates and auto-deletion.

Problems with Downloading ESPN Plus Content Offline

However, the service also comes with several shortcomings, the significant ones being:

  1. Not every piece of content is available for download.
  2. The download list does not contain replays of games or matches you could not watch live.
  3. You can access and watch downloads offline on mobile devices only.

It is precisely to resolve the above issues that the Y2Mate Online & Desktop Video Downloader has introduced its latest branch-out service, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader.

The next few sections will help us learn about the Y2Mate video downloader, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus downloader and its benefits, and the steps to download ESPN Plus content offline using the Y2Mate ESPN Plus downloader.

What is the Y2Mate Online & Desktop Video Downloader?

The Y2Mate Downloader is similar to a super-specialty store. It satisfies all your needs concerning video downloading. The Y2Mate Online & Desktop Video Downloader allows you to download content offline from more than 1,000 online streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount Plus, Amazon Prime, U-Next, HBO Max, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Additionally, it offers the following benefits:

  • Ad-free downloads
  • Anytime deactivation
  • High-speed downloads
  • 1080p HD picture resolution
  • Batch download functionality
  • 1AAC stereo soundtrack output
  • 30-days money return guarantee
  • Reasonably priced subscription plans
  • Best-in-class customer support teams
  • 100% safety in terms of privacy protection
  • Save subtitles and meta info as .srt files in preferred languages

Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader: Download ESPN Plus Videos Offline without Any Hassle

The Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader is an excellent tool for downloading ESPN Plus content for offline viewing. It offers the following benefits.

  1. High-Speed Downloads in Excellent Picture Quality

It allows you to download ESPN Plus videos at high speeds and in 720p HD picture quality.

  1. Save Downloads in MP4 Format and Amazing Audio Quality

It allows you to download and save sports videos in the MP4 file format. In addition to high-quality picture resolution, you can download videos in AAC 2.0 audio track output for a fantastic viewing experience.

  1. Download Videos in High Frame Rate

The Y2Mate ESPN Plus downloader allows you to download videos at a frame rate of 60 frames per second to let you enjoy every moment in detail.

  1. Option to Close Caption Subtitles

It allows you the option to close the caption and watch downloads without subtitles.

  1. Download Matches for Viewing Later

It allows you to download matches that you missed watching live so that you can enjoy them at your convenience.

  1. Batch Downloads at High Speeds

The Y2Mate ESPN Plus downloader lets you download an entire tournament at high speeds in just 15-20 minutes.

  1. Save Meta Data

It allows you to save meta info, including match details, player details, and stats, so that you can stay updated.

In addition to the above, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader offers all the other remaining benefits of the Y2Mate Online & Desktop Video Downloader.

Steps to Download ESPN Plus Content Offline Using the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader

You must first ensure you fulfill the following basic requirements before learning how to download ESPN Plus content for offline viewing using the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader.

  • Windows 10/8.7/8/7 (32/64 bit)
  • Intel i3 processor or above
  • 4GB RAM or above
  • 40GB or more hard disc space
  • A fast internet connection

Once done, follow the three simple steps mentioned below.

Step 1 – Install the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader

To install the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader, first, download the Y2Mate video downloader from its official website. Once the app launches, click on the ESPN Plus service and select the DRM downloader option.

Step 2 – Select Your Video

Sign in to your ESPN Plus account, select the video you want to download and play it.

Step 3 – Click on the Download Option

Once you click the download button, the video starts downloading automatically. You can continue watching the video online while it downloads in the background.

What is the Cost of the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader?

As highlighted earlier, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader is an ancillary or supporting service part of the Y2Mate Video Downloader’s subscription package. You can subscribe to the monthly Y2Mate Video Downloader package by paying $9.9 or the annual package by paying $99. There is no extra cost for the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader.

Moreover, if you purchase it, you can purchase it, you are entitled to enjoy its more features for the same price, like download videos from Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, etc. Check out more about other downloaders on Y2mate now.

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With the wide range of sports events that it streams, ESPN Plus is a must-have sports streaming platform for all sports lovers. Similarly, the Y2Mate ESPN Plus Downloader becomes an indispensable tool because of its various benefits and excellent ESPN content download functionality. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. For more information on the Y2Mate ESPN Plus downloader, please visit the page.