6 Best Alternatives To ‘Viewster’ For Streaming Movies and TV Shows

Viewster is known to be a very popular platform for movie lovers. Nonetheless, Viewster does not compromise on other TV series and all kinds of anime. This website is notably the best website that delivers streaming content for free.

Best Sites Like Viewster to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

The streaming industry has witnessed exponential growth with several platforms emerging to satisfy the relentless hunger for digital content. Amongst these platforms, Viewster carved out its unique space. But what exactly was the allure behind Viewster? Let’s unravel the story.


What is Viewster?

Viewster was an international video-on-demand service that specialized in offering anime, fan-film, documentary, sci-fi, and fantasy content. With a diverse range of genres, it quickly gained traction among enthusiasts who sought niche content outside of the mainstream.

6 Best Alternatives to Viewster for Streaming Movies and TV Shows for Free

If you’re looking to discover more such amazing sites like Viewster, you’re in the right place. We have listed the five best alternatives that will serve you as Viewster did.

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1. Hidive

Hidive is a website built solely for anime lovers. There is a wide variety of options for anime to choose from. It is worth mentioning that the design of this website is extravagant. Each episode you open to view comes with a brief description of the story outline, which is very helpful. This site has a vast database full of regularly updated content.

Thus, you will never run out of things to watch. You can find your choice of videos by browsing through the categories. Each opens a few more subcategories. You could also use the subtitle filter section, a handy feature for those non-English speaking viewers.

Your next option would be to select videos from the dubbed category. Also, you can access the schedule list and stay updated through the news regarding the shows. Hidive.com is highly recommended by many users and has been satisfying a lot of users across the world.

2. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is a popular website that delivers everything here on its platform. From TV shows and movies to shows under stand-up comedy and even from Española. The homepage displays new arrivals, staff picks, drama, and many more.

PopcornFlix has it all. It comes with a category for viral videos from all across the world. This website also has a unique interface and is very easy to use. With a vast store of movies and TV shows, you have an extensive selection to choose from.

Also, you can browse and choose from various categories. There are options to filter results, such as by Genre. For instance, you can find shows for kids, adults shows under the adventure, drama, reality, and more.

Every movie and show comes with a small description. This website has everything you could expect for. Worth giving a try.

3. Movies123

With the world’s most extensive movie collection, Movies123 is the most popular online streaming website. The website has a simple interface that helps you discover movies quickly. It showcases all the most recent, trending, and most-watched movies in high-quality. Users can browse their content free of cost.

It also sorts movies according to genre, year, and country. There are various genres that provide a variety of options, such as Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Family, Horror, etc. It also streams content in different quality video formats so you can watch it on any device.

Another fantastic feature is its search bar that helps you explore all the information you need instantly. The site is not limited to movies, which means it also allows you to watch TV series. Thus, the site has everything that a streaming lover could wish for.

4. TVMuse

TVMuse is undoubtedly the best option as an alternative for Viewster.com. To be frank, that is quite good actually. I would say the website gives more concern to the TV shows compared to movies. You will feel it right at the moment you enter this website.

A full list of TV schedule is listed on the site. Users can find an A-Z list of contents available in the TV listing section. TVMuse has a very different and unique design. However, the Movies category is not vast enough compared to the other mentioned websites.

But it is guaranteed to be putting out ad-free content to deliver the best service to its viewers. Moreover, you can filter out the movies of your choice by release year or by genre.

The best feature has to be the one for the audience to request the content they wish to watch. You should know that the site is updated at regular intervals for a better experience. So if you’re looking for a website that will not interrupt your streaming experience with unwanted ads, you must give this one a try.

5. SideReel

Sidereel.com is a free movie streaming site that allows you to watch full-length HD movies and TV shows. It has a vast collection of the world’s finest films and TV shows and daily updates with newly released content.

The site enables you to explore, watch, download, and share movies with anyone across the world. This site consists of many categories. Each category has its films that you can easily select to stream for free.

There is also a search box where you type in detail and quickly find your movies instantly. It includes significant channels like ABC, BBC, Fox, etc. on this website. It sports a user-friendly interface that will help you look for your most loved stuff effortlessly.

For the user’s data, instead of forthrightly playing the recordings on the site of Sidereel.com, this site gives the quick video facilitating joins from where the user can get their stuff.

It also has features like the cancellation buzz, fall 2019 trending, and trending now. Finally, there are very few ads that will not interrupt you while streaming on the website.

6. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is a free online video streaming platform that provides a selection of movies from video hosting sites. The user can browse categories or search the archives. It has a filterable listing of videos. It provides you more info about your selected video along with links to view it online.

You must create an account to gain access to some advanced features, such as placing requests in case of unavailability. The site acquires a collection of exclusive content. It is regularly updated to deliver the latest movies.

PrimeWire also consists of several categories such as Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, War, etc. PrimeWire.li also includes distinctive features such as schedule section, chat, comments, and HD content. It can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

Is Viewster Still Working?

As of 2023, Viewster ceased its operations and was subsequently acquired by Cinedigm. The service’s content was integrated into Cinedigm’s portfolio, which includes other OTT services like CONtv.

Who is the Founder of Viewster?

Viewster was founded by Kai Henniges and Jörg Boksberger. Their vision was to create a platform where unique and hard-to-find content genres, especially anime and fan films, could be easily accessed by enthusiasts worldwide.

Benefits of Viewster:

  • Niche Content Library: Viewster’s standout feature was its focus on niche genres like anime, sci-fi, and fan-made content.
  • Global Accessibility: The platform was accessible from various regions, ensuring that international fans had a go-to source for their favorite shows.
  • Regular Updates: Viewster consistently updated its content, ensuring that users always had something new to explore.
  • User Engagement: Beyond just streaming, Viewster fostered a community where fans could discuss, review, and share their favorite content.

Is Viewster Safe?

During its operational years, Viewster was a legitimate and safe streaming service. Licensed to distribute its content, it ensured users were compliant with copyright laws. Furthermore, Viewster maintained a transparent privacy policy and utilized secure protocols to protect user data.

Is Viewster Free?

Yes, Viewster was primarily a free, ad-supported streaming service. Users could access the vast majority of its content library without any subscription fees. The platform’s monetization strategy relied on advertisements, which were displayed during the streaming experience.

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Like Viewster, numerous websites let you watch your favorite TV shows and movies online. These are usually free of cost and do not need any registration. Some of them are also free from advertisements and prompts.

Thus, providing an interruption-free streaming experience. With the right websites’ knowledge, anyone can stream their desired movies without any further problems and restrictions.

This article lists the top 6 alternatives to Viewster that you can use to watch movies and TV shows for free. We wish you a very happy and satisfying streaming experience!