9 Apps to Help Students Develop Writing Skills

Writing is a crucial skill that is required by college students. It is a good idea to keep honing your writing skills to complete college assignments. It helps you not only while you are studying but also in your professional life where Forbes says that only 25% of resumes reach HR professionals. Here are some apps that will help you improve your writing skills.


Sentence Builder

This is an app specifically designed for elementary students. So, it has a friendly user interface. It teaches students how to form sentences keeping in mind grammar and punctuation checks.

It also helps to correct writing pieces by breaking down complex sentences into simple and shorter sentences. It also helps teens to keep track of their progress.

Develop Writing Skills

American Wordspeller

Your writing skills are essential but if you do not get your spelling right a good essay can turn bad. If you want to improve your vocabulary it is useless to look up new words in the dictionary without knowing how to spell them.

However, if you are struggling with spelling, do not worry. This app will help you write a good essay with correct spellings by its predictive function. It will suggest different words based on the letters and sounds.

No Red Ink

Grammar is particularly important to write a good essay. Without good grammar, you may not be able to get your message across to your reader. Many students have struggled with grammar for a long time.

With websites like I Hate Writing you can study grab my essay reviews to order an essay that won’t lack proper grammar. However, with apps like No Red Ink, you can hone your grammar. It can also be used by teachers to help monitor their student’s progress and identify their mistakes.

The Writing Challenge App

This app makes sure that learning is fun. It is like an interactive game that gives writing prompts to help students be innovative with ideas, words, and plot. It is a good app for students who are still learning how to write.

It is also good for students who need to complete creative writing assignments in schools more often. This fun game-like app will make sure you enhance your writing skills without getting you bored.

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Writing Prompts

Whether you choose to write fiction or nonfiction this app has prompts to keep you creative with topic selection. The app consists of a wide variety of pictures, words, videos, and other creative elements to inspire you to write long and short write-ups.

This way they have over 550 writing prompts that offer students encouragement and motivation to keep moving on the writing journey.

Story Builder

This is one of some amazing platforms for student writers that are lacking in sentence formation, paraphrasing, expression, and critical thinking. This is an app for aspiring writers who are struggling with skills.

The distinctive talk text function ensures that the student’s thoughts are written in the best possible way to narrate their thoughts. This makes it easier for the reader to understand the writer’s perspective on a certain matter.

Write About This

You will not find many apps that especially cater to students in all genres of writing. This is specifically designed for elementary-level students. This app engages struggling as well as expert writers.

This app also has a game-like feel so that students are not bored. It is also helpful for teachers as it can help them come up with solutions for students who are reluctant to give writing a shot.


Storyrobe does not only offer improvement advice itself but ensures that the student’s writing work is shared with others who can also offer advice and positive criticism to improve their writing. This is a great way to get feedback from your readers and learn what your reader expects from your write-up.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the most popular apps used by students and teachers to collaborate and offer feedback and advice for improvement. Google Docs has most of the functionality of Microsoft Word and can be a great tool for budding writers.


Writing is an essential skill. However, if you are struggling you can always improve your skills. With the advancement in technology, there are a number of apps that can help you do this like some mentioned above.