5 Free Financial Literacy Games for High School Students

Gamification is a well-known method of improving in-class engagement and motivation with students. Teachers use it to turn any type of content into fun, interesting, and easy-to-memorize school lessons. You can use gamification for virtually any school subject and teach any skill. That includes financial literacy.

Financial literacy is important for high school students who are on the verge of becoming independent and having to worry about budgeting, taxes, credit score, debt, and even investing. That’s why it’s a good idea to use games and help them learn. Below, you’ll find a list of 5 free financial literacy games for students that they’re going to love.

5 Free Financial Literacy Games for High School Students


1. Claim Your Future

High school students are mostly inexperienced when it comes to real-life finances and career choices. This game combines the two aspects of adulthood and attempts to teach students what to expect once they start earning a living.

Claim Your Future allows students to make a career choice and then design their lifestyle based on it. They choose what they eat, how they travel daily, and even how they communicate with others. But, they’ll soon realize that not every choice they want to make is possible.

Simply put, this game is perfect for preparing high school students for the real world and motivating them to work hard and build solid careers.


Investment is another important skill that high-school students should at least begin working on before they have something to invest in. They need to know how to think about the money they’ve earned and what to consider when planning any investment, big or small.

STAX is a game that guides the players through a 20-year time span in which their investment will or will not pay off. Players learn how to navigate the world of investment, including stocks, bonds, and index funds. They make the decisions that later lead to their potential success or failure.

Many students use this game to gain basic investment knowledge and learn unknown vocabulary. It’s helpful for writing school essays about finances. And, those who still struggle with writing can get help from top essay writing companies online.

It’s a game that’s both fun and educational.

3. Spent

Another great financial literacy game for high school students is Spent. It teaches the students what life on a low-income salary looks like and tries to show them how hard it can be to survive on such terms. The game was developed to help the Urban Ministries of Durham, a shelter for single adults.

Students get to:

  • find a job
  • manage their savings
  • learn about job strikes,
  • experience what life for some people is like

It teaches about unemployment, living paycheck to paycheck, and the possibility of this happening to any of us. It can be a great inspiration to write essays about education and how it can determine our future.

The game is a motivator for students to not just work on their careers and stable future, but also help those who are struggling at the moment.

4. Money Magic

When it comes to financial literacy, budgeting is a skill that needs to be on top of our list. Money Magic challenges students to balance short and long-term plans to achieve their goals. In the game, the players are helping a magician called Enzo save $50.000 and go to perform in Vegas. But, the road to Vegas is tricky and bumpy, just like real-life budgeting choices are.

5. The Uber Game

Students need to be aware that the gig economy is a tough one to be a part of and earning a living this way can be a challenge. The Uber Game teaches them exactly this and helps them learn how to fight for their piece of the cake.

The game is simple. You’re an Uber driver with a goal of earning $1000 to pay off your mortgage. You need to work hard, but other factors are influencing how well you’re earning.

It’s a simple but educational game for students. It teaches them about real-life struggles and financial challenges that so many people encounter every day.

Free Financial Literacy Games

Final Thoughts

Financial literacy may not be a skill that every high school student strives to have, but it’s important for them as young adults. Teaching this skill is important and will help them gain independence, and make smart decisions throughout their life.

Hopefully, you’ll use the 5 financial literacy games we’ve shared above with your high school students and help them improve their skills in a fun and engaging way.