How to Create an Electronic Signature Free Online

We have been used to creating signatures on paper using a pen. That is still the case, but there are new trends about to replace the old habit. It’s costly to sign the physical papers, especially when more than one person is involved.

Both parties have to be there, and if there is a distance, it has to be covered. Otherwise, what you want will not succeed if it’s not taking the longest time in the world. Thanks to signature generators, you now don’t need to pack or arrange for courier services.

Electronic Signature

They have made it possible to create signatures that you can use on modern devices. We are talking about computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can now sign using these devices thanks to the internet and easily accessible platforms like CocoSign.

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Part 1: Create an E-Signature Free Using CocoSign Online 

Whether you want to sign a contract or be part of an agreement, an electronic signature can help you. You, however, need a platform that will have a signature with authenticity aspects embedded. 

CocoSign is an electronic signature platform that you can use to draw or create a signature in minutes. You get a sign that you can use on any document, whether it’s formal or informal. Companies and individuals in over 180 countries are currently using it. 

Therefore, using the signature on a document that can change everything will never be a wrong idea. It’s fast and secure, and you have several ways to create a signature, and they are all readily available. 

How to Create an Electronic Signature Free Online with Signature Generator

Furthermore, what’s the point of traveling long distances and waiting for the physical papers to be read? If a single and readily accessible online platform can do it, you only need to move your fingers. 

Companies realized that they could save time and money if they joined CocoSign to make and manage their signatures. It permits all sorts of electronic documents or at least most of what people use. 

The same scenario applies to the individuals, and that’s why the platform rose to fame. CocoSign is a web-based platform, and that’s an advantage since you can access it anywhere. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

As long as you have an internet connection, that will be all. The website and dashboard are fully compatible with all browsers. That’s why it’s possible to access it easily. You don’t need to pay for anything or even create an account. 

It’s a matter of accessing the website, creating the signature using one of the preferred methods, and that’s it. If you, however, want to save your signature with CocoSign and also access extra features, an account is necessary. 

Why? Because it’s easier to use the signature while on the CocoSign website. That is where you will be uploading the documents to sign. When it’s readily available in your account, it’s just a matter of embedding the sign, and that’s it. 

You can learn more about the signature maker on the main website. Here are some of the things that make CocoSign a top-notch electronic signature generator for you. 

Part 2: Why Use CocoSign to Create an Electronic Signature Free?

1. It’s Indeed Free

All you need is to visit the CocoSign website to make the signature. The only cost you will be incurring is your data subscription. Unless you need the exclusive features, this platform will not ask for a single cent. 

2. Various Forms of Creation

When making the electronic signature, you have various options. You can type your name and let CocoSign make a few suggestions for you. Another way is to use a stylus on a graphic tablet. Other options include using a touchpad or mouse. 

All of them are acceptable solutions that will create something you can use to make a document official. If you already have a signature photo, you can also upload and use it on CocoSign to sign.  

3. Easy Access to Signature

Once you create the signature with CocoSign, you can get it anytime you need to. The platform is online and web-based, that’s why. All you require is an internet connection to proceed. 

4. Authenticity

Signing with CocoSign is entirely legal. That is why companies and government agencies are using it. Every signature is unique to the owner, and CocoSign adds the trailing information too.

So, apart from signing, you can also add the date and time, and initials. That way, there will be backing information on when the document was signed if a dispute arises.

5. Secure Cloud Storage

There is ample space on CocoSign servers to store your signatures and the documents too. The multi-layer protection and encryption help in keeping your data secure. You don’t need to worry if you left your signature and a few vital reports in it.

24/7 protection measures ensure that unauthorized access is not entertained. It also gives you the ability to download or use your signature at will.

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Part 3: How to Create an Electronic Signature with CocoSign

Step 1: Visit the CocoSign website and proceed to create the signature online. CocoSign will give you an option to draw the signature using a stylus. You can also type your name using the keyboard or use your mouse/touchpad. 

signature generator

Step 2: After the creation, the signature will be there on the platform. You can download it to use it elsewhere or save it via CocoSign. If you want to keep it there, you will have to sign up for an account. 


Step 3: You can sign up directly or use your Google account. After that, you can now upload documents, sign them, assign them to others to sign, and complete your tasks in minutes. 

CocoSign upload documents


Now, you don’t need the exceeded costs and time wastage involved in signing physical papers. CocoSign will get you a signature in a few minutes, if not seconds. The best part is that you can do it anywhere as long as you have an internet enabled device.

If you have a document to sign, let this platform help you create and safely store the signature.