Covid-19 Side Effects Could Include Memory Loss, Brain Fog

Covid 19 in itself is a hazardous disease that causes a lot of people who are of sound body and mind a lot of problems to deal with. This is all because the coronavirus ravages our body and leaves a ton of side effects.

One of the most prominent side effects of Covid 19 that had been seen in many people and that had been researched by scientists is called brain fog. It is generally a memory loss given a particular name.

Covid-19 Side Effects Could Include Memory Loss, Brain Fog

A recent study was made regarding this matter, to find out more about its probability and how it is affecting the people. The study was a success, and the study was published last week in the journal named JAMA Network Open. You can check out the original study if you want to, but we will give the brief and important conclusion that came out of the study.

Mt. Sinai Health System experts are the ones who did the study. It was in their hands as they analyzed data collected over from 740 participants. All of them had not got the coronavirus. Some of them just received the vaccine for the virus. They have taken all of them into consideration while doing the study.

What they found out in the study was necessary. In all of the cases, they found that the most common side effects that patients had were related to memory encoding and memory recall. This was indeed some concerning finds which showed up in all-around 24% and 23% of the participants.

This study did recognize one of the important side effects of Covid 19 that is causing a lot of trouble to the young and old alike. The researchers did say that a lot more research and study is required to find out more about it. We hope that the said study is going to happen soon enough. That’s all for now. If we know something more, we will be sure to keep you updated on it.