California Sets Up 4,000 Sites To Administer 1.2 Million Covid Vaccines to Kids In First Week

California is making its move as they are making sure that the people are well aware of what is going to come in the next few months or even weeks if it gets done more easily. The health officials have gone ahead and said in a statement on Wednesday that the state is working on the best, and they will have 4,000 sites ready that will be going to administer 1.2 million Covid shots to the children.

This is for the new update that the CDC had given about the children’s vaccine that had not been there previously. It is going to be given to children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old. The only wait now is to wait for the vaccines to receive a go-ahead and full approval from the CDC.

California Sets Up 4,000 Sites To Administer 1.2 Million Covid Vaccines to Kids In First Week

The announcement just came in the news, right after the day that the FDA advisory committed made a recommendation about the vaccine for the kids. They said that the kids will be fine with the smaller doses of the Pfizer vaccine and that this tends to work on them well enough to protect them from the coronavirus.

This seems to make sure that all the kids are also safe from the deadly coronavirus as the schools are starting to open again because of the lifting of the lockdown. California sure does work fast as the announcement just came one day after all this went down with the FDA. The 1.2 million doses of the vaccine are going to be available at the 400 different sites that are being set up in the state of California.

The shots are going to be given within the first week of the vaccine being released to the public. This is a plan that had been approved and which seems to be one of the best plans that we have seen in a whole lot of time. We sure do hope that this is a success and all the hard work that they have done pays off in the end. That is all for now.