10 Best Alternatives To ‘Afdah’ for Watching Movies Online

In this world of reality, where everything is so serious, and everyone is struggling with hardships in life, people crave a way out. And what better way to find a way out of your daily boring life into the movie world.

It is imperative that I ask who doesn’t watch movies in today’s world? Movies are the best outlet that any individuals get for the entertainment of all genres. Some of us like comedies while some of us love thrillers, there are romantics as well as cynics.

With thriving internet connections and good wifi signals, almost everyone in the middle and upper tier has access to the Internet and all the opportunities it brings for watching good movies.

You can find movies on the Internet pretty easily. Online streaming has now become a trend, and why should you not know about it?

There are various sites that you will find on the Internet that provide you with movies and tv shows that might interest you. One such site is Afdah. You must have heard of it, it’s pretty popular. And if you haven’t, no need to worry. We will tell you all about it.

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What is Afdah?

Afdah is a big name in the movie-indexing world. It is one of the biggest sites that movie indexes in real-time. The interface of Afdah is pretty easy and user friendly. You will find what you are looking for within browsing for a few minutes!

The site is also compatible with both iOS and Android, so it is suitable for every kind of users with different operating systems. The site has almost every genre of movie you could imagine to watch including, thriller, horror, romantic, comedy, action, drama, etc. The list is too long to mention.

The site is very organized. You can find all the latest movies along with the most famous ones on the first page of the site. The site offers a good selection of movies from a list of ones that you might have heard the names of. The fun part is though is that there are movies from everywhere across the world including Korea, Pakistan, The US, and many more!

The site provides you with indexes of the movies from which you can access the movie directly from the sites mentioned. As Afdah does not personally host any movies on its sites, it just shows you the way to other sites, and if there is an infringement of copyright, it does not hold itself accountable.

What to do When Afdah is Down?

We are no way saying that the site is down regularly. But then, it is the Internet that we are talking about. Sites often get crashed due to huge traffic, or their servers are blocked for a temporary time being for some reason. If this happens to Afdah, we have two options for you that you may like:

Use the VPN

VPN comes in handy when you are not able to gain access to a site. What VPN actually does is that it just creates a bypass for your network by the means of IP address converted to that of a country different from the one the ISP service is coming from. There are many sites that provide you with VPN services.

You can also ask your ISP provider to give you the same. The best way hands down, to hide your IP addresses is through a VPN. A lot of computer software and the civil public uses the VPN. VPNs are very essential when bypassing of networks is all you do for a living. We have used it yourselves. Everyone uses it, for one site or another.

10 Best Alternatives to Afdah for Watching Movies Online

Yes! There are other sites like Afdah that do the same thing and you can stream movies online on them and entertain yourself.

If you feel like downloading or getting yourself a VPN service seems like a stretch (which it is not, believe us), then this second option will work just perfectly well for you! The list of the same is given as follows:

1. YesMovies

The user interface of YesMovies and Afdah is pretty similar. The site will act as the best alternative if you want to avail of the same user experience. The list of movies on YesMovies is very HUGE. Sorry for the capitals, but we had to accentuate the collection that the site has.

The genre of movies that it provides is also commendable and appreciable. The genre of movies includes horror, thriller, rom-com, action, etc. The site does not only stop there but also gives you a short description of the movie so that you can read about it and figure out if you feel like watching it or not.

The site is not limited to this as it caters to TV shows as well. So if movies aren’t ‘your thing’, we are sure you will love the collection of shows on the site. The ads on the site can be a bit annoying though. There are a little too many pop-ups for some people’s tastes.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies pretty much lets you enjoy your online stream of movies of almost every genre out there. The amount of HD movies on that site is enormous. You can enjoy movies from across the world on this platform and it is guaranteed that you will find almost every movie out there on this site.

GoMovies is an amazing site and is a good alternative to Afdah. The best thing about this site? It is free! So giddy up because this site is too good to be true!

3. MoviesZAP

MoviesZAP is another good site to browse when you are craving for some good movies or TV shows. The site has it all including all genres like thriller, comedy, romance, etc. The site is free, in away. It does not require you to create an account but contributing to the site is very appreciated.

The best part about MoviesZAP is that it constantly keeps updating its library of movies and shows to keep you entertained at all times. So it’s a win-win situation altogether! We definitely recommend this site to you to check out and see if you find it to your liking.

4. Los Movies

This site is very famous so we wouldn’t be surprised if you have heard of this one. Using this site, the choices in the movies you get are almost endless. The library of this site is very big. The site is very organized too.

It has filters of various types including IMDB ratings and an  A-Z movie, filter from which you can choose your favorites in no time. The user interface of Los Movies is user friendly and efficient. It is very easy to navigate and is fun to browse through. The pop-up ads on this site are annoying so it helps if you have an ad blocker.

5. FilmClub

The design of this site is very fun, modern, and sleek. The user interface and the working is appreciable too. The features of this site which include Full HD movies, filters, etc. enhance the user experience so much more!

This site FilmClub in all genuinely has a big library through which you can select the movies and online stream them in real-time. Although this app has a lot of good features, one of its downfalls is that there are too many tabs that the site redirects you to. So that is a little bit of a hindrance you have to bear in this site.

6. Bob Movies

This site is yet another great movie platform that is a good alternative to Afdah. The site has all of its movies in HD and its library of new movies is ever-growing. Finding movies of all genres on this site is a piece of cake pretty much.

Movies also come with subtitles so it is a good thing for everyone that does not like dubbed movies. The movies on Bob Movies also have a short summary that is provided by the site to help you make a better selection of movies.

However, it is significant to note that there is no way you can sort through the movies, i.e. there is no filter. So you have to invest time in actually sitting down and finding the movie you want to watch from all the clutter on the site. The site has a lot of ads too so make sure you have an ads blocker equipped on your PC or laptop.

7. Look Movies

Look Movie is a great site. The user interface is great; the site user friendly and the library of movies is nice. Look Movies also has a good selection of TV shows that you can watch too. All in all, you will find yourself enjoying the site

It is our duty, though, to inform you about the pop-ups. Sometimes, the library is not frequently updated, but that is not a regular occurrence. Look Movies is known for its range in genres, so you can find movies of all types on the site if and choose whatever you feel like watching.

8. Starz

Starz is a good alternative to sites like YesMovies and Afdah. The site is has a good collection of TV shows as well as a movie. You will find movies from all across the world on this site. Starz, however, is not free. Well, at least not entirely.

The site asks you to get a free 30-day trial, which will be followed by a monthly subscription that will have to be renewed every month. This means that you will have to technically be a member to avail of the benefits of this site.

You will get a login, and a password protects, of course. We would recommend you to check the site out with a free trial and if you like the content and would like to avail it regularly, only then get a monthly subscription.

9. Sling TV

Sling TV is yet another good alternative to Afdah that we have for you. Details about Sling TV? Well, Sling TV is a cable provider that you can upgrade to as it has a good library of movies and TV shows that it provides to its members.

The provider also gives you a long choice of genres that you might be interested in. Like any other cable provider, Sling TV demands subscription too. So you need to get a connection for availing all the good movies and shows. The catch here though is that this site is not available outside of the U.S.

10. FMovies

FMovies, contrary to Sling TV is free of cost. The movies on-site are frequently updated and one can easily find the movies through their IMDB ratings. FMovies is pretty organized and has a filter to sort through the movies.

There is also an option of adding a review of various movies that one might like or dislike. The genre range is huge, considering the big library of movies it has. All in all the site is a good alternative to Afdah and is a fun and trendy site to enjoy and get your daily dose of entertainment.

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In conclusion, Afdah is a great movie indexing site. There are millions of people that use it per month and the rate of the same keeps increasing with every passing year. However, to be on the safe side, we have provided you with some alternatives that you can browse with your friends and family when you find that Afdah is down.

The sites, we are sure will not disappoint you and you will find your liking and taste match with some of the above-mentioned sites. However, we do hope that this article has been a help to you.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the article as much as we liked sharing it with you. We bid you goodbye for now, until next time!