25 Best ‘CouchTuner’ Alternatives To Enjoy Movies and Shows

Who doesn’t like watching movies? This question is literally like asking a group of children as to who doesn’t like eating ice-cream? Because duh! Everybody does! Movies have become such an essential and integral part of modern living.

Almost everybody has a site or application that they often visit in the name of watching movies. And I’m sure if you are like me, you love a good movie site that doesn’t cost a penny and yet delivers more than it asks for. You love that too don’t you?


One such fun site is Couch Tuner. I love to rely on Couch Tuner to watch the latest movies without having to pay any kind of subscription. While I’m at it and enjoy an uninterrupted online movie streaming in HD quality. That’s right. It is all bits of fun that it promises to be.

Well, that was the good part that I mentioned above. Here is some bad news that I bring to you: As Couch Tuner was not legal, it got removed from various famous search engines due to copyright issues.

Funny, the site was actually immensely famous for being an illegal or unsecured site. So if you lost the site just like me and are looking for alternatives everywhere, don’t worry. You have come to the right place.

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25 Best Alternative Free Streaming Websites like CouchTuner

Today we will be discussing some good sites that might act as good alternatives to Couch Tuner that you might like and enjoy yourself streaming on. So buckle yourself, for we are about to go to a fun ride of sites that show good movies and tv shows of all time!

The list is mentioned as follows:

1. Tubi TV

Would have been a hard thing missing such a common website’s name if you have not heard of Tubi, but here we are to explain the gist of the site for people who are new to this name. Well, Tubi TV is a big name in online movie streaming sites and the site is doing fairly well in comparison to other sites that have been long obsolete since they started.

But it is essential to mention that Tubi TV has earned every bit of publicity that it has received for the past few years. The site has good movies and tv shows that are latest and trendy. The library of this site is huge and it is updated regularly which only has led to increasing in its popularity among people but also increased its credibility over time.

Another good thing about this site, its free of cost so you do not have to worry about spending money, because Tubi TV requires none from you!

2. Popcorn Time

But I got to say that it is gaining popularity very quickly and is making its name known in the market for the top-notch ultimate services that t provides to its viewers. The site is free of cost and streams movies and tv shows almost as soon as they are clicked on.

So the uploads on this site are very fast too. You can definitely depend on this site if you are looking for good movies and shows that you want to stream anytime and from anywhere. You will love the site, so I recommend this one for sure!

3. Yes Movies

Another good site that we have to recommend for you to check out! YesMovies, like Tubi TV and PopcornTime is free of cost and the user interface of this site is very easy to navigate through. Once you have logged into the site, you will find yourself enjoying every bit of it.

the site caters to movies and tv shows. They are of many languages and their popularity is not only restricted to India but to many other countries in Europe and South America too.

The content of this site is in HD quality which enhances the fun of streaming more so. This site is very reliable and you can find almost every show and movie on it, since it has such a big library.

4. Popcorn Flix

Popcorn fix is simply an irresistible site that you will not be able to get enough of. Why you ask? Simply because of the fact that it has almost everything that you might want in a movie and tv show online streaming site.

Well let’s see, the streaming is almost always in HD quality, the site is free of cost which attracts many new viewers to it, the site has a huge library of movies and tv shows that is updated every day.

So that you can avail the latest content on a regular basis. What more would you want? It is a very fun site to be on so I recommend you to check it out at least once!

5. Café Movie

This site is a very good alternative to Couch Tuner. The user interface is pretty easy to get through and the experience is interesting. The quality of the content is in HD so your streams are going to really fun!

The only requirement that this site poses is that it needs registration. No no, it’s not paid, it is still free of cost but have to register with your email.

This is a way from which the site makes sure to know how many people access it. As the site is free of cost, it has a lot of ads that you will have to bear with. But on the plus side, the site is legally safe to use so that is a good thing to have.

6. Solar Movie

This is a really great alternative to Couch Tuner for watching of movies and tv shows. The site is really fun to be on and the user experience is really good. The site has a huge library that you can choose from. Not to mention the genre range, which is huge.

Most of the people who avail the benefits of this site belong to countries like the US, UK, Canada, and India. The site has two options you can either stream content on it free of cost and not pay any subscription or you can pay the subscription and get a key to watching additional really premium content.

The problem in the former is that one has to bear with a lot of ads and pop-ups that can be really annoying. For people who don’t like ads at all, the premium should be your obvious choice.

7. 123Movies

This is yet another good alternative site to couch tuner and the site is yet again like every other site mentioned above, free of cost. The site caters to a lot of good movies and tv shows that will make your streaming experience better and the quality of the movies and tv shows is in HD.

So it’s a win-win situation altogether. It is also important to mention that the genre range on this site is very huge including genres like action, adventure, thriller, horror, sci-fi, etc. So I would definitely recommend you this one. It’s going to blow your mind!

8. Stream Likers

The user interface of this site is simply a beauty. One will enjoy themselves will using this site. The site is not only fun to be on but also has good content on it that is not available on other sites.

Like Solar Movie, this site also has the option of premium viewing and normal viewing. Premium members have to pay obviously but the experience they receive from it is worth it.

9. Putlocker HD

You must have heard of the news that Putlocker got shut; Well this is the site that replaced the original one. How? The same people create it and they have brought back the same site with better features. The site has amazing quality content, which is self-explanatory with the title but still.

The library is bigger and better than ever before. The site is free of cots, so you can browse it without actually having to pay anything. The site does not even ask for registration of any sort. The site is simply a goldmine when it comes to movies and shows.

10. Rainerland

The user interface of this site is very similar to Couch Tuner so the people who are in mind to look for something similar, this is your site! The site has been rated very good on its user feedback so we know that you will profusely enjoy this site.

Needless to say that there is no interruption in the streaming of movies and shows and people can enjoy this application with their friends and family. Movies of all genres are available on this site including rom-com, action, thriller, sci-fi, etc. There is a good chance that you will really like the site.

11. 1Channel 

This is a fairly new site that you must not have heard of. Good thing now you have heard of this site and can go out and check it personally. And honestly, once we tell you all about it, there is a good chance that you won’t ever want to come back from browsing on the site.

The site is free of cost, has a huge library of movies and the genres are updated quite frequently. This also means that the site caters to good quality online content and the user interface is very simple and easy to navigate. It isn’t much you would rather want once you have all these features!

12. Vodly Movies

The site is considered to be an improvised version of 1Channel. The features of this site resemble all the features of 1Channel except for the annoying ads and pop-ups. Vodly Movies doesn’t have any. Now that is something you don’t get to hear enough of.

While I would love to also highlight that the site has some god-amazing filters that will just make you fall in love with this site altogether. The filters let you search from a plethora of movies and direct you to the movies that you have wanted to see all along. It’s like magic. But then, science is modern magic so I guess it fits.

13. Los Movies

This site has ample movies that you can select from. The site is a good place to find good content. The catch though is that the user experience is rated to be as friendly as you would want it. the site has a lot of ads and pop-ups that might interfere with your online streaming.

If you can bear through all that, maybe you can work through this site after all. Los Movies is free of cost so maybe that might provide you with some motivation to use the site.

14. New Episodes

This site does not have a lot of movies that you can watch, but boy does it have tv series. The site has a lot of tv series that you will find interesting and will enjoy yourself by streaming in HD quality.

The filters on this site are to navigate through the genres to find what you actually would enjoy and adore. Once you enter into the search bar a particular genre or keyword. The site will display all kinds of shows that match with the keyword. Needless to say, it is a good alternative to Couch Tuner and you might find it up to your taste!

15. Global TV

Global is yet another good online streaming website where you can watch tv series. The site pre-dominantly caters to shows that often you can see on the tv and stream it in real time. The site is a legally secured site and has good quality content that you will find it fascinating.

The site is loaded with series from Canada and the US and if you are a binge watcher just like I am. You will find streaming on this site a pleasure. A good alternative to Couch Tuner, this site is definitely not in the market to play!

16. Watch Series

Watch Series is the site you need if you are addicted to watching tv series and shows on a regular basis. This site has a huge library of tv series that is simply to good to miss. But there is a catch, the user interface of this site is that fun to be on.

What does that mean? The interface is pretty plain and sometimes confusing. Confusing because everything looks the same while streaming on this site. If that is not a problem for you though, this site might prove beneficial for you and you might like the site!

17. Movie Watcher

Yet another good site o online stream movies and shows, this site is free of cost. As it is free, there is no kind of registration or login that the site asks for when you go to it to watch your favorites.

The site also has good filters that help you to sort through movies on the basis of latest movies, trending movies, genres, ratings etc. The site has good credibility you can definitely enjoy it while you’re there. Movies watcher is a good alternative to couch tuner that I am sure you will like so go and check it out!

18. Vid Strum

Okay so let us talk about Vid Strum for a minute. The site does not have any actual filters which is kind of problematic to viewers who are new visitors to this site. This also means that finding certain shows is very hard to do on this site. The online streaming is in good quality so you do not have to worry about a 240p streaming.

There are a lot of pop-ups and ads though that might disturb you. But it would not be fair to put the blame only on vid strum because. I have faced this problem with almost every free online streaming site out there in the market.

19. Snag films

This is yet another good alternative to couch tuner that we have brought to you today. This site not only caters to movies but tv shows as well, contrary to its title of course. The site also has its own mobile application that you can watch movies and shows from.

The mobile app as well as the official website both contain ads and pop-ups on them. So watch at your own discretion. Anyways, the library is huge so I don’t think you will be disappointed.

20. Openload free TV

Openload free tv is just like any other streaming service, it caters to every needs of its audience. The site has a good library of movies and tv shows and they can be sorted through various filters given on the site.

The genre range is huge too consisting of action, adventure, comedy, romance, horror, thriller etc. your cravings for good movies and tv series is sure to be satiated when you come to this site.

The site is free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about login or registration of any sort. But there are a lot of inevitable ads and pop-ups.

21. Cool Movie Zone

This site is new, so its okay if you haven’t heard of the site. What am I for anyway? The site only caters to movies but no tv series are available on it. That is some bad news that I have for some of my binge watchers.

But there is a good news about this site that I am yet to give. The site is free of cost so you kind of expect a lot of ads and pop-ups from it. Guess what? There aren’t any. Yeah, so if you want to stream online with no interference, this site is perfect for you!

22. Movie Ninja

The site movie ninja is very fun to be on. The user interface is pretty easy to navigate and the viewer experience was very fun too. The site has both.

Movies and tv series and the content quality is in HD so obviously we all love to stream in the best quality possible. The site is very fun to be on and hence I am sure you will like it on this site.

23. Vumoo

The site is a name like numerous others that has catered to movies and shows to audience from various places across the globe. The name is quite heard of, though it is a comparatively newer site.

The site has both tv series and movies and both are free of cost. Not only that, the site is also fun to be on and the user experience is rated very good. Definitely check Vumoo out and see for yourself!

24. AZ Movies

This site is a good alternative to Couch Tuner that you will love to be on! The site has both movies and tv series and both of the same can be downloaded and watched free of cost.

You do not even have to register yourself or anything, so that is a good thing. Once into the site, you will definitely enjoy streaming for free on it!

25. Tinkle Pad

Tinkle Pad is known for its organized database from which you can easily browse the site and watch your favorites. The site is awesome to be on and the library is huge, so you will not get disappointed any time soon.

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In conclusion, we can say that there are various sites to be on and find your favorite tv series and movies. Some of the same I have helped you find. Take a look at them and see if they match your liking or not.

I hope you liked the article as much as I liked sharing it with you. That is all for today. We bid you goodbye, until next time!