What Kind of Cancer Did Norm Have Reddit

Deadline reports that Norm MacDonald, 61, has passed away. He was a prominent cast member of Saturday Night Live for many years.

What ultimately took Norm MacDonald’s life? Just what caused his demise? According to Deadline, he fought cancer for 9 years before succumbing to it. MacDonald allegedly did not tell anyone about his cancer diagnosis until Daily Variety revealed it.

What Kind of Cancer Did Norm Have Reddit

His management company and close friend Lori Jo Hoekstra confirmed his death to Deadline.

It’s possible that Norm Macdonald was the funniest man in the planet. He was so dedicated to his comic craft that he was unrivalled. A mourning Twitter user lamented, “RIP.”

What you need to know is as follows:

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A Friend of His Said, “He was Most Proud of His Comedy.”

MacDonald is best remembered for his role as host of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, during which he famously proclaimed, “Now the fake news.”

He was particularly pleased with his comedic abilities, Hoekstra told Deadline. He never wanted people’s impressions of him to change because of his diagnosis. Norm was a natural comedian. “A joke should catch someone by surprise, it should never pander,” he once wrote. He was never one to cave in or give in. We all mourn the loss of Norm.

Variety states that among MacDonald’s impersonations include those of Burt Reynolds, David Letterman, Larry King, and Quentin Tarantino.

Since the year 2020, MacDonald had not updated his Facebook profile. His website was down with a “check back soon” warning and no content.

Canadian-Born MacDonald was Also a Prolific Writer for Numerous hit Comedies.

MacDonald began his career in humour as a stand-up, according to his IMDB page. According to IMDB, he worked as a comedy writer in Hollywood for shows including The Dennis Miller Show (1992) and Roseanne (1988) before joining the SNL cast.

The director of Saturday Night Live, Lorne Michaels, saw his work and invited him to join the cast.

Between the years 1994 and 1997, he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live. IMDB claims that he was divorced and left behind a kid called Dylan Lloyd MacDonald.

The Internet was Awash with Tributes to Norm MacDonald.

On the internet, many were quick to express their condolences and pay tribute to MacDonald.

“RIP Norm MacDonald who made me laugh harder than just about anyone ever,” commented sports writer Bill Simmons upon hearing the news of MacDonald’s death.

Some of the other tweets honouring MacDonald are as follows:

Heartbroken, @normmacdonald, you will be remembered as a genius for all time. RIP.”

“Norm Macdonald passed away just as he had lived: a total mystery, unique in every way. RIP.”

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My sister and I were recently reminiscing about the golden age of Saturday Night Live, and I couldn’t help but bring up Norm Macdonald’s performance as Burt Reynolds on Celeb Jeopardy. Rest in peace, immortal.

Despite feeling completely demolished, I am currently sitting here and laughing it up while watching Norm MacDonald clips. I’ll miss you and the jokes, Norm.