This Application has Encountered an Unspecified Error SWTOR

All of us enjoy playing the classic Star Wars: Old Republic video games, which were first made available a long time ago. Although the game’s plot and adventure are excellent, many players complained that they were having difficulties running it on their systems.

This application has encountered an unspecified error, according to the issue. We therefore made the decision to discuss the reasons why some users are encountering this problem in this article and to share some solutions.

This Application has Encountered an Unspecified Error SWTOR


This Application Has Encountered An Unspecified Error. What Is SWTOR?

Determining the cause of this error is therefore not simple. Since there are a lot of different reasons why you are having this problem.

The primary cause of this error, which has been determined after extensive research, is as follows:-

  • Malware problems could be the root of the issue because if the system hasn’t been updated and virus-checked, it could also cause this issue.
  • Any third-party tool, such as Bitraider, enables quick game download.
  • A firewall or adblocker may be blocking it.

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Solutions For SWTOR This Application Has Met With Unknown Error 2022

Here’s how to easily fix this annoying error, despite the fact that the causes are quite general.

Method 1: Delete Bitraider Processes

Bitraider is a well-known programme that gamers use to download and update their games, but it can slow down the system and prevent you from accessing the actual game when it is running various processes in the background.

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc will launch the Task Manager application.
  • The Task Manager will then expand after you click the More details option in the bottom-left corner of the window. Find “Bitraider-related processes” such as Bitraider.exe after that. They are immediately listed under Background processes. To end a task, click on each one individually and choose “End task” from the window’s lower right corner.
  • Open the game’s root folder now, and remove the “Bitraider” main file.
  • After that, open the game again on Steam to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method 2: Turn Off the Firewall or Create an Exception

The last resort might be to disable the firewall, but you should first try adding an exception for the SWTOR game. You might be getting this error because your firewall can prevent this game from running. Therefore, to add an exception, follow these steps.

  • Removable control panel opened.
  • The Windows Firewall option should be located directly on the bottom side.
  • When you click it, a list of applications appears; select “SWTOR.”
  • To restart the computer, select OK.

Method 3: Scan for Malware

Malware attacks on your computer have occurred frequently while using the Steam network, and in such cases, they can have an impact on how well this game runs in general. Therefore, if you’ve installed an antivirus programme, try running it through your computer to see if it resolves the problem.

When the user ran an antimalware programme, the unidentified error that this application had encountered was fixed. Typically, people don’t try to use straightforward shortcuts or hacks to address simple issues.

Method 4: Reinstalling the game’s Steam version

It may be necessary to occasionally uninstall and reinstall SWTOR on Steam in order to play the game normally.

Most of the time, people don’t pay much attention to the games they are playing, but if there isn’t a steam version, you might want to give it another thought. Here are some simple instructions for reinstalling SWTOR.

  • To bring up the dialogue box, press “Windows” and “R.”
  • then enter Appwiz.cpl into the search box.
  • Choose the game from the list now.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions after clicking the “Uninstall” button.
  • Get the game’s Steam edition.
  • Install and download this game.

Method 5:Changing Launcher Settings

You can repatch the game by configuring the system’s launcher. It wouldn’t take long to change the launcher settings, and you can do it as shown below.

  • Select “Open File Location” by performing a right-click on the game’s icon.
  • Then use notepad to open the “Launcher.Settings” file.
  • Change the code below from “PatchingMode”: ” swtor”: “BR” ” TO “PatchingMode”: ” swtor”: “SSN” “
  • Additionally, alter the following code: “bitraider disable”: fale
  • INCLUDING: true for “bitraider disable”
  • Then select “file”>”save” from the menu.

Method 6: Turn on the Services

You will run into this annoying problem if the bitraider service has been disabled on the system. Therefore, in this circumstance, you must enable the service option.

  • Open the command box by pressing “Windows” and “R.”
  • The service management window will then open after you type “Services.msc” and press “Enter.”
  • To change the startup type, double-click the “BitRaider mini-support service stub loader” service option.
  • Then select “Automatic” and press “Apply.”

This would make Star Wars: The Old Republic better. Since bitraider assists you in installing the most recent version of the game, you should do that if you haven’t already. This application has encountered an unspecified error.

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The swtor this application has encountered an unspecified error can be quickly fixed using the methods listed below. There is nothing to worry about, despite the fact that this issue may initially seem technical.

Users of SWTOR frequently contact us with questions about various technical problems, and SWTOR is the game that causes the most technical problems for users. The game has been around for a while, but Star Wars fans still know about it.