Top 11 Things to Build in Minecraft

Are you a beginner in Minecraft? Don’t be shy. Even though Minecraft is started in 2011, many people are trying it for the first time. We understand! you need a little push to make it all. However, if you are a pro player and lost the thrill of Minecraft, we have the ultimate guide for you too.

Indeed, beginners find Minecraft a little tough. On the other hand, pro players are bored by building the same things again and again. In this article Things to Build in Minecraft, we have amazing stuff.

things to do in minecraft

These suggestions will surely excite you to keep playing the game. Even though you are a beginner you will understand many things about Minecraft. These things will help you to progress faster than any other player.


11 Best Things to Build in Minecraft

Go through the article and create some super exciting things. You can show it off in front of your friends if they don’t know about this article yet!

1. Castle

Building own castle is a common dream among children. As a child, we all wanted to live in our castle. Knowing this thrust, Minecraft allows you to build different castles.

You can use all your creativity and build powerful castles. To boost your creativity, we have some examples for you. You can build a small and sweet castle (if you are a beginner you must try this first), Castle Carved into the Mountainside, French Castle with Gardens, Winter Castle on a Hill, Golden Minecraft Castle on the Water, etc.

Here quick tip is, don’t aim for building the biggest castle on the first attempt. Building a castle needs too much work done. You might get bore at the half road. Therefore, start with the small and make it big by adding things like a gate, trees, fountain, etc.

2. Town

Building a town in Minecraft is an interesting thing. The town needs many things to build like buildings, houses, banks, storage rooms, hospitals, town hall and many more.

If you are creative, you will love building a town. For beginners, you can start by building a single house or building first. Once you enjoy it and feel confident, add things like a bank, hospital, walls to protect the town, etc. you can join these buildings by roads.

Also, you can add trees, gardens, etc to make your town cool. You can consider designs like medieval stone and wood, Asian pagodas, or desert-themed with sandstone if you want to expand.

3. Farm

Being a Minecraft player, you must know about farms in Minecraft. In Minecraft, you need to grow a farm as a food supply. In the beginning, you can try building simple farms. Make sure you are adding important things like trees. After that, if you want to make bigger farms, add other things one by one. You can add farming machines, storage rooms, fancy outdoors, etc.

There are many options to try while making farms in Minecraft. You can build an underground farm or an indoor farm. Likewise, there is an option for building something cool like a greenhouse for plants. Remember to protect your farms from mobs.

4. Landmark

Building a landmark is another cool thing to do in Minecraft. If you travel a lot, you might have pictures of some places. Moreover, you can choose landmarks from your favorite cities. You can also try to build some landmarks from your Traveling Wishlist.

On a survival Minecraft, it is hard to build details of anything. On other hand, on creative Minecraft, you will get several options. So, you can start with landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

5. Underground City

Building an underground city can keep you busy for a long time. But it’s amazing to build your ideas on Minecraft. For building an underground city you need a large underground ravine. You can also dig a huge hole using TnT. If you want to add farms and trees, you might need a large space.

Keep this in mind. You can add things like windows to walls or columns of lava or water to make it exciting. You can expand your underground city, with secrete hallways and rooms. It would be more fun if you are building the city with friends.

6. Treehouse

Just like a castle we all wanted to build a treehouse. Where we can play with our friends.For building a treehouse in Minecraft either find a jungle biome or you can build a huge tree. Build the base in the tree with woods.

On survival, you can connect tree houses with wooden bridges. It’s fun to build such a huge thing. You can add the necessary things to your treehouse. Keep eye on the fire spread. It can burn out your entire build.

7. Maze

Beginners can start building a maze easily. In a maze, you need the same blocks of trees. You can place the maze inside the garden, in an underground city, etc. You can do more things while building Maze. Consider adding some traps, surprises, changing walls, arrows, and many other things. Remember to add a reward chest at the end.

8. Pixel Art

Creating pixel arts on Minecraft is a new fad. People love to create something unique. I often saw people creating pixel art of their logos. For creating pixel art, you need colored wool or concrete blocks. It’s really fun to build pixel art in Minecraft. But it is not that easy. You need so much practice for creating pixel art.

9. Build A Nether Portal

There are many ways to make progress in Minecraft. Building a Nether Portal is one of the ways to improve your skills. Keep diamond gear for safety while building a Nether portal. To start with the nether portal, you need to mine out 10 blocks of obsidian. These blocks must be mined with a diamond pickaxe.

Now place these blocks in 2-3 doorways. You can use different blocks for corners. Here portal needs to be brightened with flint and steel. You will find it in the shoveling gravel.

10. Find Diamonds

Diamonds are super useful in the game. You can make diamond-grade tools and gear. diamond tools are stronger than other tools made by any other thing.

In Minecraft, diamonds emerge at Y=13 to Y=6 elevation. The best elevation to find a diamond is Y=11. You can use the technique of strip mining. In the strip mining technique, you need to mine a long Hallway at Y=11. You can easily find a diamond with this technique.

11. Breed Animals

If you want to survive for a longer time you need to breed animals. Minecraft gives you the option to breed animals such as cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens.

You will get leather from a cow. It will be helpful as you move further. You need to breed these animals. A quick tip is to feed wheat to cows and sheep. Pig eats beetroot and carrots. Also, breed chicken by feeding it seeds.


Minecraft is an amazing game to boost your creativity and keep you engaged for a long time. Even though the game is started in 2011, many people are discovering it now. If you are new to Minecraft you may feel it is a little tough.

As you move further in the game, you will enjoy building new things like an underground city, landmarks, etc. We hope you have found many options in this article Things to build in Minecraft. So, go get ready to build extraordinary things in Minecraft.