3 Tech Platforms for Students to Practice Their Knowledge

Technology has become essential to human existence. There is no human endeavor that technology has not affected. In particular, technology has transformed how education is administered. In the past, for students to learn, they will have to be in the same space with teachers. With various digital tools, a teacher and their students can be thousands of miles apart, and not sacrifice any education quality.

The proliferation of technology has given rise to the development of tech platforms for learning. Now, there are countless online systems that offer students different advantages. This article is going to look at 3 tech platforms created for students to practice their knowledge.


Google Classroom

Google as a tech giant has ventured into the educational system. It has developed the ideal classroom platform called Google Classroom. This tool is an integrated learning tool. From this platform, an instructor can quickly allocate tasks to students. Like all things Google, this platform is completely free to use.

Google Classroom

Therefore, teachers and students can access it as long as there is an internet connection. When students complete their assignments, they can seamlessly upload them for their teacher to grade. Similarly, grabmyessay reviews point students towards a platform that can help them with their academic work. Among many platforms, this writing provider offers legitimate and qualitative academic writing services to customers.

Google Classroom offers students the option to ask questions. This option comes in handy when studying for a test or an exam. Likewise, teachers can create forms. This feature can serve as a way for students to give valuable feedback to their instructors.

In addition, Google Classroom integrates well with all Google Suite applications. Therefore, you get access to Google Drive, Google Slides, Google Docs, and much more. As a result, you get to use different tools when reinforcing lessons. Likewise, third-party applications can also be integrated into Google Classroom. For example, an add-on like Pear Deck works well with Google Classroom.


Another great tech platform that supports the learning process of students is Classcraft. It has several positive effects that make it ideal for students to practice their knowledge. Additionally, it can integrate with other learning platforms like Google Classroom.

It gives instructors a wide range of teaching tools that are centered around gamification. Users are able to access this platform for free. However, you will need the premium package to access all the features Classcraft has to offer.

Unlike most tech learning platforms, Classcraft utilizes gamification principles, which naturally encourage student engagement. Also, students get to have several options that allow for collaboration with each other. In the process, learners are able to gain invaluable social and academic skills. Therefore, all these features make Classcraft ideal for students to practice their knowledge.

No matter what level you occupy in a school, you can participate in the student learning process through Classcraft. Different people are given varying levels of access. Therefore, superintendents, principals, headteachers, and teachers can all contribute to the development of students through this platform. Similarly, almost all the options in this platform are customizable. So, the learning process can be changed quickly.


Education was not the main reason for the development of YouTube. Its creators made it a free platform for uploading videos. However, over the years, YouTube has grown to cover more than entertainment. It covers education, sports, news, and much more. Now, many students rely on YouTube for learning and mastering certain aspects of their education.

Tech Platforms for Students

In most cases, you will find videos on almost all fields that you may be looking for. Similarly, many content developers create series that may cover a subject from the basics to the very complex. As a result, students can look to such videos or playlists to practice and build on existing knowledge relatively easily.

Although YouTube is a video platform, you still get the opportunity to interact with other viewers. There is a robust comment section, which lets users comment and exchange ideas. If you do not understand an aspect of a video, you can quickly leave a comment. Some time ago students used to think of YouTube as an only Entertainment platform. Chances are the content creator will respond and provide clarity. Alternatively, other viewers can help you out with their expertise.

In Conclusion

As a student, many great platforms can be your polygon for practicing your knowledge. Today, we discussed 3 tech platforms you can use to consolidate comprehension – Google Classroom, Classcraft, and YouTube. Each of these platforms provides you with different features and learning opportunities you can take advantage of to progress on your education path.