System Service Exception Guide

Errors are the incorrect results that appear on the screen of the system and hinder the normal functioning of the computer system resulting in malfunction or damage, or corruption of data and software.

Many errors come into operation; some of them are WHEA Uncorrectable Error, System Service Exception Error, etc.

Different errors cause damage to different areas. It can cause in every Windows like Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11. But here it is to find solutions to fix the system service exception error in Windows 10.


What Is System Service Exception?

There are many Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) errors present in all the versions of Windows.

One among those is the System Service Exception Error which is generally caused either by some drivers incompatibility or by viruses, corrupted files, etc. Mainly it is caused by some fault in the software and is a software error.

System Service Exception

The hardware part is safe. This error will display as Service_Exception_Error on the blue screen. In technical language, it will display 0x0000003b error stop code. It is advisable to solve the issue as early as possible to avoid any type of loss.

Some examples of this error are System_Service_Exception Windows 7 that occurs in Windows 7, System_Serice_Exception Virtual Box occurring on virtual machines, System_Service_Exception netio.sys Windows 10 goes along with the System_Service_Exception error.

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What Causes System Service Exception Error?

As it is a software error, the issue must be in the software of the PC. There can be many causes for the occurrence of this error. Some of them are:

Cause 1:Outdated or corrupt drivers- If the driver demands an update and has become outdated or the driver is corrupted due to some malfunctioning or virus, both cases can cause the occurrence of this error.

Cause 2: Third-Party Software- If you insert some app or software, then all of sudden, the co outer will become unstable and give these kinds of errors.

Cause 3: Viruses or malware: malware is software specially designed to corrupt or destroy the data or get unauthorized access, virus is a kind of malware that spreads over the files and self replicates to destroy the files and hinders the working of the system.

How To Fix The System Service Exception Error in Windows 10

Once the cause of the error is known, it becomes easy to find the method to solve it. Some methods help in removing the System Service Exception Error and will allow the computer to work properly, the methods are:

Method 1: Disable Your Webcam

Webcam is inbuilt hardware, sometimes it can also cause the system service exception error. The solution to this is to just disable it to avoid any error or damage. If the problem is caused in the webcam, after disabling it the error will not exist, and if it exists it means the problem is in some other hardware. To disable the webcam, the steps to be followed are :

Step 1:Press Windows+ X key and choose Device Manager from the list.

Step 2:Find the webcam in the device manager and right-click it and then choose Disable from the list that appears.

Method 2: Uninstall problematic Applications

Some applications are causing damage and problem in the functioning of the system and are the reason for the error. Those applications need to be uninstalled to resolve the issue.

If the problematic applications will be present in the system for a longer time, it can lead to excessive corruption, loss, or damage to the system as well may lead to loss of data or malfunctioning of the system.

If there is some virus in the computer, it can also result in an error. If the uninstalling of the application won’t work, then restart the computer else get it checked by some professional.

Method 3: Run the SFC Scan

SFC stands for System File Check which is a utility and as the name suggests helps to check the missing or corrupted Windows system files. The SFC scans the protected system files and replaces the corrupted, damaged files or versions with the correct ones.

It is similar to CHKDSK but the difference between the two is SFC scans specifically the window system files while CHKDSK scans the entire drives. To use SFC scan,

Step 1:Open Command Prompt as an administrator by going to Search and typing cmd.

Step 2:Type the command sfc/scannow and then press Enter.

It will take some time to finish the process, as SFC will first verify the integrity of all protected files, and on the completion of the process, it will display whether there is an error or not on the screen.

Step 3:Once the process is completed, Restart the computer.

Method 4: Run the CHKDSK Utility

CHKDSK is a Windows system tool for fixing the issue and verifying the system file. It is used to recover, repair or resolve the issue by checking the error present in hard drives. To run CHKDSK utility, follow the steps mentioned,

Step 1:Click on the Windows+X key and select Command Prompt from the menu bar.

Step 2:Type chkdsk/r in the command prompt administrator window and press the Enter key.

Step 3:To boot the system, type Y.

On boot, the command will scan the computer and will fix the error if it is there.

Method 5: Turn of Google Update Service

Google automatic update service can also be a cause of the system service exception error. If the reason is this automatic update, it is advised to disable this service. To turn off the google update service, follow the given steps,

Step1- Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box, then type services.msc and press the Enter button.

Step 2-Search Google Update Service in the Windows Services Application and double click it to open the properties.

Step 3- A drop-down list will appear, choose Disabled and then click on the OK button, and the Google update service will be turned off. If there is more than one service, disable all of them by repeating the same steps.

After disabling the Google update service, reboot the computer to check whether the error is solved or not.

Method 6: Temporarily Disable Your Third-party Antivirus

In many cases, the system service exception error is caused by the antivirus of a third party. If the issue is regarding this, the best solution is to temporality disable the antivirus for some time, and if the error is solved by disabling the antivirus, it was the cause. The computer should use WindowsDefender as its antivirus because other antiviruses like McAfee, BitDefender, Virtual Clone Drive, etc.

It can result in the system service exception error. Windows Defender is more than enough to keep the system secured against the malfunctioning and viruses present. To disable third-party antivirus, right-click the program icon present on the right of the Windows taskbar and choose Disable or Exit to temporarily turn it off, and if you want to enable it again, just restart the computer.

Method 7: Update Your Graphics Card Drivers

If the cause behind the error is a corrupted or outdated driver, then it should be fixed. First, it is advisable to know which driver is causing the error and need to be reinstalled or updated.

It can be known by WhoCrashed or BlueScreenView, for example, KS.sys and NTFS.sys, and if this doesn’t show, updating and reinstalling the driver is the only option left. To upgrade the graphics card driver, follow the mentioned steps-

Step 1- Enter Device Manager in the search box and select it.

Step 2- Select any one category among the lists and then right-click on the one you would like to update.

Step 3- Select search automatically for updated driver software and then select update driver to start the updating process.

Method 8: Update Windows 10 

One big solution to fix the problem of the error is to update the Windows version to its latest release.

If the system is outdated, it can cause the occurrence of the error, so to ensure the proper functioning of the product, it is necessary to check the updates and work on the updated version and updating the system helps in enhancing the stability and functioning of the system and reduction in errors. Here are the steps on how to update the system:

Step 1- Click on the Windows key + I and open the settings panel.

Step 2- Select Update & Security and then check the latest update.

Step 3- If there is any update available, click on Download or Download and Install option to begin installing the update.

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As there is some technical issue with every electric device and errors, appear on the screen. One such error is the System Service Exception error that appears on the screen of the PC resulting in nonworking and corruption of data.

Many causes lead to the error, but in the same way, there are many solutions to fix it and get rid of it as early as possible because it can cause heavy damage to the software if not solved.

First, the error needs to be detected and the part it’s causing damage. Then, the solution should be chosen accordingly and get it clear.