8 Best Video Editing Software for Everyone

It’s always been a question, how can I make good videos? I’m not a professional editor. What should I start with? Today we came up with all kinds of question that pops up in your head.

With the rise of the digital media market, videos are being watched more and more and you as a digital media creator need to know how to edit videos like the professionals and where to find this software.

Video Editing Software

According to a survey conducted recently, it was found that most people spend a lot of time watching videos. According to the reports, almost half of the marketers will set up their branding videos on YouTube and Facebook channels for video distribution in the next year.

Don’t know how to edit videos, don’t have a great video editing studio, and don’t know what software to use? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a curated list of software that’s beginner-friendly and free.


Top 7 Best Video Editing Software for Everyone

So, no matter your experience level, you too can create elegant, professional video content and drive your content strategy.

So let’s deep-dive into the world of video editing and know about these software and become a good video editor. Below are the top 10 easy-to-use and beginner-friendly software for Video Editing.

1. Apple iMovie

Apple iMovie is a great software for all your video editing needs. Now it supports dark mode in its recent update which makes its interface so cool and awesome.

It has a clear screen with only commonly used tools displayed on the screen so you don’t get confused.

A nice touch to the interface is that you can scroll through any clip in the media view by simply swiping your cursor over it. To edit, all you have to do is drag and drop your file.

It’s a powerful and advanced software tool, yet it has a lot of tools and functions in its program. From drawing to transition and from changing color to speed, you can do everything with this software.


  1. You can fix videos that have shaky moments, somewhat to a high extent.
  2. Change the sound over a video clip.
  3. Edit any part of the clip by subdividing it into small clips.
  4. Has features like adding background music and visual effects.
  5. Add text, color, transition easily, and make credits.
  6. Edit different parts of the video at the same moment.


  1. Not many import formats are supported.
  2. There may be problems uploading to Youtube.
  3. Only available for Mac and iOS not for Windows users.
  4. Some of the features are missing for video editing.

2. Lumen5

The time passed when you had to spend hours creating a two-minute promotional video. With the a lot of online software available in the market, you can create and edit professional videos branding.

Or internal training for your business. It works on smartphones and desktops and allows you to create animation and edited videos.Lumen5 is software that comes complete with Artificial Intelligence.

This online system Artificial Intelligence offers Predictive Analytics, Process/ Workflow Automation, Brand Management, Campaign Management, Video Management in one place.


  1. Convert old text content to video.
  2. Customization options include a watermark, photos, and font.
  3. Access to between 15 and 200 million stock photos.
  4. Team collaboration features are available.
  5. Process/ Workflow Automation.
  6. Supports Speech recognition.


  1. Starter Plan with some $29 only gives up to 720px resolution.
  2. The rending of the final video for export takes time.
  3. Currently no option to record audio (voice recording).

3. Corel Video Studio

This is the time when one doesn’t need to worry about editing videos like a professional. Corel VideoStudio provides you with a lot of features and tools for editing and are easy to use just like drag and drop.

It has some the features like enhanced video stabilizing technique, split-screen editing, and much more features.

VideoStudio has increased its exceptional combination of beginner-friendly tools, tutorials, and computer programs with breakthrough power to form video writing really fun!


  1. Easily crop, trim, and split videos right on the timeline. Rotate or change aspect ratio with just a few clicks.
  2. Easily correct imperfections.
  3. Choose from thousands of templates and titles.
  4. A lot of features.


  1. The interface could look a little more modern.
  2. It was sometimes hard to crop in just the right place.
  3. A zoom function would help to make the right adjustments on a tiny level.

4. Filmora From WonderShare

Most other software may claim to be the most useful video editing software, but the fact is that Filmora is the best with the most positive reviews.

It has many tools available that are easy to use by any beginner who has no prior knowledge of video editing. It is just a drag-and-drop file for editing.

It is a worthy product that comes with tools that are suitable for both video and audio. It offers users a plethora of options when it comes to styling, adding effects, and customizing videos.


  1. Rendering is really fast even if you have multiple layers, and this is a big plus as we don’t have to invest long hours to see the results.
  2. Pre-loaded effects, filters, and transitions are a great time saver, as without them it would take a lot of effort for designers to create presentable and attractive content.
  3. Responsive and prompt customer support that helps you to overcome obstacles easily.


  1. No support for adding custom transition effects and filters.
  2. No support for SVG or vector graphic files.
  3. Sometimes the software lags when editing UHD/4K videos even on high-end hardware.

5. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere parts could be an easy plus organization and redaction application. It permits amateurs and novice video editors to make beautiful videos and share them with family, friends, colleagues, bosses, and even purchasers.

With Adobe Premiere parts, users will simply notice the clip or image they’re trying to find. they will organize them by completely different classes to quickly access a selected sort of video and clip.

Adobe Premiere parts conjointly provide users with the resources they have to induce started. This way, they will acquaint themselves with the applying to induce the foremost out of it and revel in video redaction to the fullest.


  1. You’ll be able to place multiple video clips on identical video tracks.
  2. Audio redaction, voice-over, background music, and Audio Effects choices are obtainable. it’s the sole video redaction computer code with numerous audio redaction choices.
  3. VR video and VR audio redaction choices.
  4. Support for rendering multiple file formats.
  5. Marker choice to add clips. Ability to connect notes and set multiple markers at the identical times.
  6. Plugins and Libraries Support.
  7. Motion Graphics & Text choices. Multiple Transitions and effects are already there for easy use.


  1. Rendering speed is slow compared to alternative video redaction programs.
  2. GPU accelerated rendering generally does not support gamma or stratified footage.
  3. Value is high and comes with restricted trial version.
  4. High system necessities for potency.
  5. Should integrate with once Effects for 3D and high-level effects.

6. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere holds its position for video editing at the top. It has a clean, flexible and easy to use interface with many organizational tools and frequently used tools at the top.

It has high responsiveness. It possesses ultimate performance in video editing with ecosystem rich in video production apps. It has Excellent stabilization and color schemes with Unlimited multi-cam angles.


  1. New subtitle workflow makes it easier to add, share and format subtitles.
  2. Easy to insert your own media into pre-made templates to customize effects.
  3. Choose from more than 6,400 high-quality clips, including over 5,000 in 4K.


  1. No keyword tagging for media.
  2. Some techniques require additional apps like After Effects or SpeedGrade.

7. Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a product of Apple professional video editing. Final Cut Pro X, offers most of the features in a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for professionals, non-professional, and home users alike.

The recent update of the software has fixed some of the bugs and is now more stable and it allows users to seamlessly share editors with others all around the globe.


  1. Final Cut Pro X’s render speed is incredible. Everything is rendered as you work, so exporting a file doesn’t take long.
  2. A very similar interface to iMovie.
  3. It has an awesome color correction system.


  1. The final exporting video takes time depending upon the quality of video you are exporting.
  2. Information in clips is sometimes slow to load. For example, it can sometimes take a few moments for the audio levels of my clips to register and display, even on a fairly powerful computer.

8. FlexClip

FlexClip is a powerful video creation tool with ready video templates that enables you to make engaging videos in minutes. Ideally suited for social media videos, company videos & video ads, It is the best suit for a newbie.

FlexClip also includes hundreds of rich and dynamic video clips, motion presets, and an extensive stock footage library. So, if you’re a beginner, you can get a fantastic result in a few clicks. FlexClip’s functionality is usually accessible even you are a free user.


    1. Clean interface and No watermark.
    2. Exquisitely designed video templates.
    3. Customizable brand logos & other assets.
  • Cloud-stored function for trans-devices editing, anywhere and anytime.
  • Storyboard and timeline modes for both beginners and professionals.


  1. Basic audio editing.
  2. Need a stable network.


So this was the compiled list of the top 10 free video editing software for beginners. You may find hundreds of video editing software that you don’t know.