If you are running an online store, you might have heard about Shopify Apps. Yeah! I am exactly talking about various options of Shopify to improve your online store.

By using Shopify Apps, you can add customer reviews into your online store, improve email marketing to attract more people, publish your products to Facebook for marketing, and get in-depth analytics to know more about customer’s choices.

There are plenty of apps available to choose from. Some are free, some are paid and some apps provide free trials before you buy them. I understand, choosing the right app seems difficult and time-consuming. One can’t invest his time sorting out these apps if he is busy with his business.

So, considering this confusion, I have sorted out a list of 7 Free Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage, and Grow Your Store. You can easily save your time with this list.

7 Free Shopify Apps to Help You Build, Manage And Grow Your Store

The list of 7 free Shopify apps includes Oberlo, Shopify email, BetterReplay, etc. Along with the names of these apps, you will see brief information about them. Let’s get into the list.

1. Oberlo

If you are new to the e-commerce business, or just want to try it, Oberlo is good to go with. Oberlo is a simple and easy-to-understand app. Oberlo provides you, suppliers from whom you can buy products. To import products, you need to search a marketplace for a particular product. Then you can import the product directly into your Shopify store.

Another good feature of Oberlo is you don’t need to worry about the packaging and delivery of any product. Simply use a dropshipping option in Oberlo and connect with dropshipping suppliers. They will take care of the packaging and shipping process.

2. Shopify Email

Shopify Email is the cheapest email marketing tool. However, it provides you good quality emails to attract your customers. Also, you can manage and build your email list on Shopify Email.

You will see the Shopify admin dashboard, from where you can send and manage your emails. Along with this Shopify Email helps you to create attractive emails. You can use pre-made templates and add your logo, product photo, description, and other things. There is an option to customize text and buttons.

To send emails to your customers, import your email list into the Shopify Email App. Create your email by adding information and photos. Now send this email. You can keep track of emails. You will know how many people have opened it, clicked on it, added it to the cart, and purchased the product. You can use this information further to change the campaign.

Shopify Email app offers you 2500 free emails every month. If you want more than that, you need to pay just $1 for every 1000 emails.

3. BetterReplay

Are you facing a problem with your website? Like people visit your website but don’t purchase things. BetterReplay can help you with this issue.

On BetterReplay, you will get a live recording of people’s interactions on your online store. With this recording, you will get to know, where people are spending more time and where they are stuck. With this information, you can make changes to your website. Make an engaging website to convert more people.

4. Jebbit

Jebbit helps you to create attractive quizzes for customers. You can create product match quizzes, personality quizzes, simple surveys, lead gen forms, etc. This quiz concept will help you to know more about your customers. Along with more information about customers, you can increase your store’s engagement. This can increase your sales.

You need to use Jebbit’s visual builder for creating these quizzes. No coding knowledge is required. You can easily choose the templets and build your quiz. Jebbit allows you to offer personalized products to your customers. This will surely increase your sales.

5. PayWhirl

Adding a subscription option in the online store is beneficial to customers as well as owners. Most of the times customers need support in the payment procedure. PayWhirl allows you to add a subscription option to your online store.

Here subscribers can see their purchase history, make changes in payment method, and add new information to the subscription. Customers feel like they are getting personalized attention. This technique can engage more people in your online store.

6. Promo.com

Along with photos, you can add videos of the product to your online store. People engage more with videos. It builds trust in people.

Promo.com provides you the exact feature of creating videos of your product. It’s too easy to create amazing videos on Promo.com. you just need to select the type of video you want. Then select the product. That’s it. Promo.com will create a video for your product automatically.

7. Stocky

Inventory management is a big deal with e-commerce shops. It’s hectic to remember and check again and again. Stocky solves this problem for you. You can track your inventory decisions and optimize them with the help of the Stocky app. You can manage your all product just with this one app.


Now you can focus on your business more easily. Shopify Apps can handle almost all technical things in your online store. Try these 7 Free Shopify Apps and grow your business. This list includes all the basic requirements of any online store.