Beginner’s Guide for Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is among games with the fastest-growing user base. In 2020 alone, Minecraft generated a revenue of $415 million. The growth has been simultaneous with that of online gamers and gamblers. $110 of the 2020 revenue accounted for mobile players.

Online gaming platforms come with a wide range of benefits, such as the Everygame casino bonus that allows gamblers to practice without wagering actual money. Apart from entertainment, platforms like Minecraft have significant learning and development benefits such as enhancing brain speed and social benefits and can help one develop skills essential for your career.

Beginner's Guide for Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition

Like most other games, you have to start from somewhere when it comes to Minecraft. If you are a beginner, survival may be tricky, and that is why you need the following tips to perfect your Minecraft skills.


1. Start by Selecting Your World

The first step in getting started is selecting your world and choosing the type of game you want to play. The game has two modes, that is Creative and Survival.

If you prefer building, the creative mode would be an ideal pick. Minecraft creative mode does not have hostile mobs, giving you the convenience of building free of the worry of destruction. The resources are also unlimited in this mode, and players have unlimited access to crafting items such as blocks.

The survival mode of the game is ideal for players who love adventure. The mode gets you into a world with limited provisions, even health. This means you will have to start working or mining immediately; you are dropped into this world for you to live.

Note that this mode features hostile mobs and a wide range of enemies.

The modes have more options you can select within the game, and you can choose them to have more control over the world you choose. After selecting your world, you can also choose your character or skin. In addition, Minecraft has recent updates that allow you to create a character and tweak them to whatever you want.

2. Understand the Controls

After your world is set up, your first order of business is learning the controls. As much as the game is easy to understand, it is vital to grasp the controls if you are to have good gameplay. Learn how to control your directional movement using the pads, learn the controls to use if you want to build by placing blocks, learn how to attack enemies and fly, among other actions.

Understanding the different controls will give you an easy time playing as a beginner.

3. Start Building

There is a tremendous amount of content in Minecraft, and new players often find themselves torn about what to do next. Building is a vital part of the game and should be one of the first things to do.

Building may, however, not be possible if you don’t have resources. Start by collecting resources such as wood, stone, and dirt. Then, gather all the resources around you by tapping and holding on to what you want to collect. The goal is not to collect as much as possible but just enough to help you build and survive the night.

The crafting table is a vital item to build; as with it, you will enjoy more crafting options. All you need to build the crafting table is logs. You can then proceed to build a shelter. Once you have the resources and tools to build a shelter, you have to find a nice spot to build a temporary home. A 2×2 area would be enough to make a shelter to protect yourself. It would be best if you left an upper area open so that you can know when it is sunrise and safe to proceed with other activities.

Other essential items to build include the pickaxe, which will help you in mining crafting materials, a bed, torches, a safe mine, and something that can help you spot your house after you have gone out to explore.

4. Practice Agriculture

Once you have created a settlement, you will need to do some agriculture to help you survive. For instance, you can plant sugarcane next to a water source. In addition, planting sugar canes will allow you to make books and papers, which can also be used for exchange with emeralds.

If you have farmland, you will also need to build a protective wall around it to prevent it from trampling on by mobs. Building pens for chicken, sheep, cows, and pigs. You will need these animals for the best source of food. You should also consider having plant saplings for a sufficient supply of wood.

5. Start Your Adventure and Have Fun

Remember to head out in one direction and only carry essentials when you start exploring. For instance, you will need food, a bed, iron tools, a boat, and a water bucket.

Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition

You could try out fishing which can provide you with enchanted items like books. Locating a mineshaft is also among activities you could explore, and you may end up with a wide range of loot. Locating villages, dungeons, or a desert temple are more of the adventures you could enjoy while playing Minecraft.


Minecraft is an intuitive and easy-to-learn game. However, you need to know the basics to enjoy the game and improve it. The tips above are great for beginners and an excellent place to start for Minecraft survival.