How To Fix ‘Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry’ High Disk Usage

The most significant advantage of Windows 10 is the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry service, which allows Windows to customize the windows engagement surfaces and make the Interface more secure and user-friendly.

It also makes the windows up to date and more reliable. The Telemetry data used for storing the system files, metrics, diagnostic information, logs of applications, etc. Microsoft Compatibility High Disk Usage is the most common problem, and it can be rectified easily by following some necessary steps and methods.

Usually, the work of Telemetry is to accumulate and receive the information from different sources and to successfully upload it to the server, after that it is the duty to upload the useful data.

Usually, the Windows Telemetry data includes an index or collection of media files, transcripts, Cortana, typed text, etc. But along with that, Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry also has many disadvantages, and the greatest among them is that it uses 50% of the disk and makes your computer slow.

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

It is a Telemetry that usually carries technical data regarding the working of the Windows 10 software, and it also enhances the user experience by sorting the potential issues. Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is a handy tool for Microsoft Windows.

Still, the main problem regarding this is that it acquires a lot of space on the computer and makes your computer slow.


How to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage in Windows 10

Microsoft Compatibility is very beneficial to the computer, but the errors which occur in the applications can be solved by just adopting some simple methods.

There are some easy and simple steps that should be followed to solve the problem. Some of them are as under:-

Method 1 – Update Device Drivers

You can quickly correct Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk usage by merely updating the Device Drivers.

One can update the drivers by two methods:-

(i) Manually and,

(ii) Automatically update the device drive method.

Either this problem is solved if you update the driver manually, or you can simply do it automatically with just one click.

This is done with the help of Auto Driver Update software. It is done by correctly finding the drivers which suit you and then by downloading and installing them.

To do this, the following steps should be performed:-

Step 1: At first download and install an “Auto Driver Update Software” from the Internet.

Step 2: After that, click on the “Scan Now” button.

Step 3: The “Driver Easy” will scan the system and find out the problem on your PC.

Step 4: Afterward clicks on the “update” button next to the driver.

Step 5: Then click on “update all” to update the driver.

Step 6: Now, Reboot your PC.

Step 7: Finally, press “Ctrl + Alt + Esc” together and open the task manager.

Step 8: Then, you can view the disk usage of Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry.

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 Method 2 – Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry through CMD

Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage error can also be solved by disabling the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry with the help of CMD. For this you have to follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Press the Windows key along with R to open the Run box.

Step 2: After that type CMD in the Run search to open and as an administrator.

Step 3: Now press Ctrl + Shift + Enter altogether.

Step 4: Just copy and paste the given command from the command prompt.

So, this method is as that simple as that. One other way to stay away from this method is choosing the right Laptops for Microsoft Office. Sometimes Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage error depends on the configuration of your laptop.

Method 3 – Use Registry Editor

It is another simple method to fix Microsoft Compatibility High Disk Usage Error.

Step 1: Firstly, press the Windows key along with R and type “regedit” in the box, and after that, click OK.

Step 2: Click Yes on the User Account Control prompt.

Step 3: Finally navigate: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Policies > Microsoft > Windows > DataCollection.

Step 4: Then Right-click on Data Collection and select New > DWORD (32-Bit value).

Step 5: Click on allow Telemetry (Twice).

Step 6: After that, set value data to zero (0) and click on the OK button.

Method 4 – Use Group Policy Editor to disable it

The Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage can be fixed simply by using Group Policy to disable it.

Step 1: The first step is to press the Windows key with R to open the Run command.

Step 2: After that type, “gedit.msc” and select on the OK button.

Step 3: Then, follow the following path: Computer ConfigurationAdministrative Templates Windows Components → Data Collection and Preview Builds.

Step 4: After that, Allow Telemetry twice.

Step 5: Finally, choose on disable and then click on Apply after pressing the OK button.

Step 6: Press Ctrl + Alt + Esc altogether and open the task manager.

Step 7: The last step is to check whether Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry is using the normal stage or not.

Method 5 – Clear the Running Memory to Speed Up Your System

This can be done by just erasing some unnecessary files and folders. The steps to free up the system with the help of ” Erase Us” are as under :

Step 1: At first launch the “Erase us free Partition tool ” and select “Clean up and optimization.”

Step 2: Select the Junk file Cleanup.

Step 3: After that, the Click on Analyze button.

Step 4: The last step is to check and select the files on the junk you want to delete and then select on “Clean up.”

Method 6 – Using Diagnostic Tracking Service

The steps which should be followed regarding this process are as under:

Step 1: At first, run the services from the desktop.

Step 2: After that, search for the “Diagnostic Tracking Service.”

Step 3: Click on the “properties of Diagnostic Tracking Service.”

Step 4: In the “properties,” go to “General Tab” and select the disable option.

Method 7 – Remove it from Task Scheduler

Step 1: First of all, press Windows key + R to open Run.

Step 2: After that type “taskschd.msc” and hit On button.

Step 3: Now go to Task Scheduler Library → Microsoft → Windows → Application experience.

Step 4: Search for Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser Right click to disable it.

Step 5: Then Navigate to- Microsoft → Windows → Customer Experience improvement program.

Step 6: Finally, disable all three options.

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So, in this article, you will know about what is Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry and what is its High Disk Usage. It also states seven secure and trusted methods to fix this problem. I hope this article is helpful to you.