ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error means that your internet connection is limited and can’t be reached to the desired website you want to open. This is a very common and annoying error, especially when you are trying to open an important site.

Usually, this occurs on chrome, and there are a number of reasons behind ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error such as network issue, outdated chrome, corrupted files, DNS not responding, can be a lousy proxy configuration or blocked connection, etc.


Well, there are some troubleshooting Fixes that you can use to fix the Err_Connection_Timed_Out error, which we are going to share with you in this article.


Method 1 – Edit the Hosts File (Windows)

Sometimes, the IP address or the website URL block the host’s file to connect, and thus, the error occurs. Thereby, checking or editing the host’s file will help you to fix this issue.

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the search menu and then Type Notepad++ and then run it as administrator.

Step 2: Next, in the notepad menu, Select Files > Open and then go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\.


You can do the above step by changing the file format from text files to all files if you don’t see any files.

Step 3: Next, you will a list of file names, from which open the host’s file.

Step 4: Then, a new window will come with a list of various URLs and IP addresses having # before them > select the files without hashtag sign and then delete those files only.

Step 5: Then, click on the file and save it, before you close Notepad.

Step 6: At last, reboot your computer and do check if the error is solved or not.

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Method 2 – Try Cleaning the Browser’s History

When we use an application for a long time, then it increases the load on our computer’s RAM or leads to building up trash that might cause this error. Thereby, you can try clearing your browser’s history to fix this error:

Step 1: Connect your computer to the internet and then open Google Chrome > Navigate to its history by pressing Ctrl + H.

Step 2: Next, you will be redirected to the browser’s history window, in the left panel, you will clear your browser’s history option, select it.

Step 3: Next, select the beginning of time option by clicking on the drop-down menu along with the following options:

  • Browsing History
  • Download History
  • Cookies and other sire and plug-in data
  • Autofill form data
  • Passwords

Step 4: At last, click on clear browsing history button & let the process to complete.

Step 5: After it’s done, close the browser and then restart your computer.

Method 3 – Flush/ Renew your DNS

It can be done by following the steps given here:

Step 1: At first, press Windows + X key combination to go to Command Prompt and from the option that shows up select Command Prompt (Admin).

Step 2: Once, you get inside the Command Prompt then type the following commands and press enter key after each one of these:

  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • ipconfig/registerdns
  • ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig/renew
  • netsh winsock reset

Step 3: At last, restart your computer and then try opening the website that was showing error before.

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So, these are the best and proven Fixes that you can use to Fix Err Connection Timed Out error on Google chrome. Usually, this error occurs due to some internet or your router network problem, but sometimes the computer or the browser can be at fault too.

Thus, if sometimes the ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error still occurs after you have performed the Fix mentioned in this article, then you can always re-install your browser to fix this issue.