9 Best Memory Training Apps For Students

Long gone are the days when students were simply reading books or inventing worn-out games to improve their memory and cognitive functions. Today, one can easily check the AppStore or Play Store for a variety of apps that can help them out in the most interactive and fun ways.

Good memory is the surest sign of strong mental and cognitive capacity. And, through the power of various apps, students can easily improve their overall functions. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best memory training apps for students.


But before we jump in, students reading this should also remember to keep their academics in check while learning better memory techniques through apps. Improving one’s cognitive abilities and memory is a long-term process, and it can take a lot of energy and time.

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In no particular order, here are the nine best memory training apps for students.

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1) Left vs. Right – Brain Games for Brain Training

This app is part of a series “Brain Games for Brain Training” by the creators. Left vs. Right focuses on improving one’s awareness, adaptability, reflexes, reasoning, precision, and patience. The app provides various games and challenges that help improve one’s brain functions even without one knowing it at first. Users can choose from 6 categories and over 50 games within them to test and train their brains.

Bonus – Left vs. Right also has a Colorblind Mode that can be activated through the app’s settings menu.

2) Peak – Fun Brain Games, Challenges, & Workouts

Peak helps users improve their agility, focus, and memory through absolutely fun brain games and workouts. Many of the games in Peak are short, quick, and intense, which provide challenges in one’s life. The app also has a coach feature that helps you track your progress, lets you know where you are lacking, offers new challenges, keeps you motivated, and more.

Peak’s games are tested by scientists and researchers based in universities like Cambridge, King’s College London, Yale, and more.

3) Luminosity – Daily Brain Sessions & Games

Luminosity has been one of the biggest brain training apps in the market for a while now. This game is the best way to improve one’s attention span, memory, and speed of thinking. Luminosity is designed for people of all age groups, and the app adapts according to a user’s strengths and weaknesses. Each session in the app consists of three different games, which users have to complete within a stipulated period. The paid version of the app is available at $15 per month.

Luminosity also regularly conducts research and surveys to test the integrity and effectiveness of its app content.

4) Eidetic – Memory Improving

As the name suggests, Eidetic helps improve one’s memory and memorization skills. Unlike other applications on the list, Eidetic uses a technique called “spaced recognition” to help users memorize various types of information and data. These can include anything from fun facts, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and more. The application is free but does have in-app purchases that can cost up to $4.99 per item.

Bonus – The app also allows its users to create their own flashcards, which helps them to memorize anything they want to.

5) Duolingo – Language Learning

Several pieces of research have shown that learning and understanding more than one language helps improve various functions of the brain. Duolingo is one of the best apps ever created for language learning. It makes the whole language learning process fun, motivational, inclusive, and very interactive. Users can learn from 35 different languages in easy exercises that cover areas like reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Although the app is free to use, add-ons and premium membership within the app can cost around $6.99 per month.

6) Elevate – Brain Training

Elevate is another well-known brain training app on the list. Like Luminosity and some other apps, Elevate seeks to improve its users’ cognitive abilities and functions through daily exercises, games, and programs. The app has more than 40 games that help improve one’s focus, memory, comprehension skills, math skills, precision, accuracy, and more. With Elevate, you can get access to personalized training sessions and also connect your Apple watch.

Elevate has a unique adaptive progression feature that automatically makes the exercises and games more difficult as you grow stronger.

7) NeuroNation – Customized Brain & Neural Training

NeuroNation has a testing system that makes you choose the right answer according to various situations. It may sometimes be tough to make fast progress as each wrong answer sets back a user’s level. The app has 27 different exercises with over 250 levels that seek to test and improve your cognitive functions. With NeuroNation, you can create customized learning and training schedules according to your daily convenience.

This app doesn’t pre-decide the sets of games for each day but lets its users pick what they want to play.

8) CogniFit – Brain Fitness

CogniFit enables its users to enhance their cognitive abilities and skills through personalized daily training sessions. The app offers brain challenges, memory games, puzzles, and a lot more. The app is highly interactive, and users can compete with the rest of the world and compare their scores with a global population.

CogniFit makes use of advanced learning algorithms and gaming technologies to provide its users with seamless training experiences. The app has been created and designed by neuroscience experts, and its content has been tried and tested by various scientific methods.


9) Headspace – Meditation & Relaxation Training

Headspace is an honorable mention on this list as it is different from the rest but still stands out in its own unique way. Headspace is more like a meditation app that has scores of meditation guides and practices, calming stories, and relaxing exercises.

And if there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that one’s memory, and cognitive abilities are at their highest when they are most relaxed and well-rested. Most of the content on the app helps individuals improve their anxiety, focus, sleep, and more.

Although the app can be used for free, its unpaid version is quite limited. The paid version unlocks all content on the app and is available at $12.99 per month.

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The Bottom Line

There you have it, the perfect list for students, adults, and working professionals to improve their cognitive and learning abilities in 2022 and beyond. The above list includes apps from various backgrounds that, when combined, can offer astounding positive effects. Students are always advised to pick the ones they are most comfortable with. Doing so not only boosts the overall fun but also enables them to learn and retain more effectively and quicker.