Make Windows Tutorials On YouTube

Millions of people worldwide use Windows as their operating system on laptops and personal devices alike. Although it has been a popular operating system for decades, there are still many problems that users go through. For the average user, it is relatively easy to troubleshoot most problems they face on Windows, if only they knew how.


How Does The Average User Troubleshoot

Windows users are always running into situations they have no idea how to get out of., Their printer may not be recognized, or they might find their battery running out faster than usual. It could even be as simple as accidentally rotating their screen. Where do all those users go to find solutions? Most users will go online and try to troubleshoot problems themselves before hiring a professional.

Make Windows Tutorials On YouTube

As most internet users today will tell you, YouTube is the place to go for how-to videos. Naturally, we can expect that Windows users will search YouTube for tutorials when they run into an issue with the operating system. If you have extensive knowledge of Windows and how to fix various errors that occur when using it, you should consider starting a YouTube Channel on Windows tutorials. 

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform with millions of daily active users. The competition within the platform may be high, but it is worth trying for content creators. Windows tutorials are tough to follow, and website screenshots often result in users giving up. There is a high demand for quality Windows tutorials with an in-depth explanation of the various steps that need to be taken to solve a particular issue.

Screen Recording

The best way to teach a user how to do something on their computer is to show them the exact steps as they are performed. Luckily, screen recordings are an excellent way to do this. Many Windows programs are written specifically with the purpose of screen recording, so search online for the best you can afford. 

Keep in mind that free programs often have restrictions on the length of video recorded, or might have fewer features than paid programs. However, if most of your tutorials are short, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. 

Grow Your YouTube Channel

If you search the words “Windows tutorial” on YouTube, you will find millions of videos and channels that are dedicated to the topic. This should not discourage you. Social media networks like YouTube can be mastered, and newcomers are often able to find success in their niche even with the presence of older and more well-reputed channels.

A Strong Start

Use other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to market the launch of your YouTube channel. You may even choose to live stream your first few tutorials. To raise the hype for your live stream, buy YouTube live stream views. This type of marketing campaign can ensure you are launching your channel on a high note. 

Search Engine Optimization 

There are several steps you can take to make sure all the content you are uploading to YouTube is optimized for SEO. The easiest of which is to add your own captions. Search engine algorithms consider high quality, real content better than content that is automatically degenerated.

Interact With Your Audience

Users on social media can be considered consumers of the service you are providing. It is essential that you interact with them to keep them engaged. One of the best methods for this is to ask your audience to leave comments on the type of issues they would like you to show them how to solve.

Make sure you are reading the comments and use that section as a guide on the type of content you should provide. Your audience will be pleased if they are able to solve their Windows issue through your channel, and thus become loyal followers.

Content Ideas

If you sit down and think about all the issues and errors that users may have when running Windows, you might never be able to write them all down. That is why you should focus on specific errors first. These are some ideas for content to include in your channel.

How To Install Windows On Your Own

This may seem like it is an obvious idea, and that it has been done a million times already. However, this is a basic skill that anyone using Windows should learn how to do. You will inevitably need to add this to your channel, so why not start with it? Make sure to explain how people can do this using either a CD, external flash drive or even just upgrading their version of Windows. 

The Blue Screen Of Death

Every day, millions around the world face this fatal system error and have no idea how to deal with it. Most will resort to re-installing Windows and risk losing all their data. However, there are ways around that, depending on the reason for the system crash, and you can explore that in some of your content. 

Tips and Tricks Series

Release a series of videos that show tips and tricks for the newest Windows version, especially if you can find things that aren’t commonly known. This can include simple hints such as minimizing all your Windows using one click, or more complicated tasks. 

Try Programs and Apps

These days, instead of word of mouth, people base their purchasing decisions on information they find online. Before they download or purchase a program they will inevitably search for reviews of the apps. So, find out what the latest and most searched programs and apps are. Even invest some money in paying for them solely for the purpose of reviewing them. Remember to always give honest opinions when reviewing products. Your audience will be grateful for your honesty.

Try Making Programs and Apps Tutorials On YouTube

There you have it, starting a YouTube channel shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you’re already a whiz at using Windows. You can use your channel as a way to generate income, or simply a means for having fun.