Top Logistics Start-Ups in Hong Kong

A few years ago Hong Kong had merely a few startups. Being one of the largest air cargo and tax-free ports, the logistic sector of the city has seen a rise in logistic startups. As the e-commerce industry is growing at a faster pace, Hong Kong logistics startups are worth eyeing.


Top Logistics Start-Ups in Hong Kong

Here is the list of rising Logistics Start-Ups in Hong Kong.

Top Logistics Start-Ups in Hong Kong


Lalamove is the fastest, same-day delivery service platform based in Hongkong. It started with few individuals who wanted to digitalize the system of booking delivery vehicles and connect to available drivers faster. Lalamove has made it to have a similar fanbase as Uber.

It incorporates a vast array of transportation and ensures real-time tracking to locate the vehicles. All these flexibilities and simplicity have let the startup raise approximately US$31.5M in 2014. Earlier in May, LALAMOVE successfully collected $10M and swiftly expanded its operation in 11 South Asian countries.

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GOGO-X started its operation promising to deliver your dear ones a special gift or an important document to a client in just 1 hour. The app lets you hire any van or a truck to send goods to your desire place. What’s interesting? People love how the application connects to a nearby driver in less than 8 seconds.

A transportation management system provides customers, SMEs, and corporates real-time data on truck location, approximate delivery time, and contract management. The startup was founded in the year 2013 and received a funding of 407M.

3. AfterShip

A startup that came as a blessing for e-commerce businesses. It allowed businesses to ensure the best post-purchase experience and grow successfully. That’s what made it one of the top logistics startups in Hong-kong. The AfterShip application performs excellent with Shopify, Magneto, Ebay, oracle, and other renowned platforms.

The platform offers a tracking solution using an advanced transportation system. The way it has satisfied e-commerce owners is beyond words. It sends shipment notifications, offers complete visibility and actionable insights to improve the overall delivery experience.

4. Floship

Floship made its first move coming up with an exciting solution for both customers and crowdfunding companies. The platform is dedicated to helping with customized solutions, advice, and effective consultation on logistic strategies. FloShip excels in using an advanced tech-driven fulfillment strategy to let you access shipment information, track parcels, and manage inventory.

Businesses who are looking to expand their operations across geographical regions can consult to craft a custom solution. FloShip won hearts presenting faster and cheaper logistics to startups. The platform has partnered with DHL, FedEx, UPS to capture more attention from potential clients.

Logistics Start-Ups in Hong Kong


LogFlows is a revolutionary platform initiated solely for the trucking transportation industry. The way it has simplified the complex logistic procedure is outstanding. The systematic and standardized transportation management system enables to connect upstream shipper to downstream truck drivers with just a click on your device.

The platform allows taking necessary actions in case of any unforeseen issues. Workflow automation, vehicle routing, and instant order checkup are simple as an ABC. The startup gained immense popularity for its simple work procedures.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, customer satisfaction and consistent innovation help startups achieve greater success. Are you ready to start yours?