Influencers in Twitter’s Plan To Double Revenue by 2023

The launch of Twitter Blue, the first subscription service that had been created by the company, was great news in the world of social media earlier this month. The app will allow to tip select users, and it is also a place for acquired newsletter platform that is going to allow one to publish newsletters.

Now, this came after their announcement of their ambitious goal to increase their revenue by 2023 and add another 315 million daily users to their database. The goal might seem to be very ambitious, but without ambition, no one had been able to do anything worthwhile.

Influencers in Twitter's Plan To Double Revenue by 2023

This Twitter Blue that they have created and placed their bets on to increase the revenue is, however not a full-proof plan but it is a kind of insurance.

“Every platform CEO thinks: what if direct, platform-facilitated creator monetization explodes as a market? What if it goes from a niche offering to a massive revenue driver comparable to or larger than advertising is today? What if we miss it?” Fox, who is the laundry service head said “Putting fee structures around this stuff now is the hedge against that scenario.”

To put it simply, it’s a creator’s world. Influencers and creators are actually running the social media world. So every giant company like Instagram and Snapchat are also placing their bets on them. Twitter is no different, and they recognize where the true potential lies.

So to sum it all up, Twitter had taken this step to create a Creator’s space Twitter Blue. The launch was near the beginning of this month, so it is fairly new. Now they only have to wait and watch out for customer response.


Amazing Facts About Twitter

Amazing Twitter data that will inform your advertising decisions are soon to be revealed.

Read on down here:

  1. Twitter has over 229 million active users every day.
  2. users between the ages of 25 and 49 make up 59.2% of the platform’s total population.
  3.  Only 28.8% of Twitter users are female, whereas 71.2% are male.
  4. The typical Twitter user logs in for 3.39 minutes per day.
  5. In 2021, Twitter earned more than $5 billion a year in income.
  6. I’m talking about @BarackObama, one of the most followed people on Twitter.
  7. YouTube has the most followers of any brand on Linkedin, which is saying something.
  8.  Twitter receives a total of nine million unique visitors every day, ranking it as the world’s ninth most popular website.
  9. Almost half (42%) of all Twitter users are college graduates.
  10. 391,000,000 accounts don’t have a single follower.
  11. Two-thirds of American Twitter users cite the social media platform as their primary source for breaking news.
  12. By March of 2021, daily tweet volume will have reached 500 million.
  13. the majority of Twitter users (74%) in the US use the platform for amusement purposes.
  14. By 2014, ad sales in the United States had hit $785 million.


67 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers are on Twitter, making it one of the most popular social media platforms among this group..

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