Here’s What You Need to Know About Japan’s New Prime Minister

Japan is now going to have a new prime minister. He goes by the name of Fumio Kishida. He was in Japan’s liberal democratic party, and after winning the election on Wednesday, he is set to become the next prime minister of Japan. The new leadership means a change in the rules and some Development to occur.

He was the former foreign minister, and now he is taking the position of prime minister. Yoshihide Suga is the prime minister who will be stepping down and giving the position of the prime minister to the new generation. Now he had not been in the seat for long either.

Japan's Prime Minister Candidate Fumio Kishida Interview
Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

He is stepping down just after a year of being in the position of prime minister. But whatever the cause, we appreciate him for the service that he has given to his country. Now it’s time for someone else to take in the reins of control and power.

Kishida is set in his goals, and he was very bold in his challenges towards the election and his opponents. When now he had got the position of the prime minister to Japan, his work is only just starting. Now you need to have had followed his propaganda for a whole while to understand what he is standing for and what are his goals, but no worries, we will summarize his intent as well as we can in a few words.

He intends to remain steadfast in his goal. He does not want to be influenced by anyone and everyone. He promised that he will not hike the consumption tax for at least the next ten years. That seems like a big promise that he is making. He even promised a pension and health care system to the workers.

This is a very interesting turn of events, and we will definitely be looking into it. The future holds a lot, and we are not aware of what might happen. We can only hope for the best and put in our best efforts for today. We will obviously keep you updated on the news, so watch out.