5 Greatest Games Like Sims To Try in 2023

Sims is a game popular among all generations. It’s even more well-known than online casino games for real money. Yet, it’s not the only game where gamers should manage characters. Here are the best games Like Sims for those who enjoy Sims.


5 Best Games Like Sims

1. Virtual Families

Virtual Families

This game is similar to Sims in everything from gameplay to character development. With Virtual Families, the gamer can make all his dreams come true in a virtual world. All you need to do is to create a character, manage him and enter into friendships, romances, and other relationships with digital characters. You can make new acquaintances, arrange a really fun party and much more. In the game, it seems there is no limit to the possibilities.

2. Second Life

Second Life is a browser-based online game where everyone can bring something of their own. All you need is to develop your character and communicate with others. Only in contrast to the Sims, here all the characters are not controlled by the computer, but by real people. The main task is to provide your character with all the necessary things for life in society. Go to boutiques, build relationships with others and just evolve. In a word, do everything so that your character is not bored.

3. 7 Sins

A browser-based game is designed exclusively for adult audiences and so strongly resembling the Sims. The name says it all. In this game, there are no restrictions, the player gets to control a depraved man without any moral guidelines, personifying the seven unforgivable sins. The player’s task is to develop his character, climb the career ladder, and earn money. Every position that opens up access to easy and casual connections is mandatory.

4. Meez

It’s also a browser-based alternative to Sims where you can become absolutely any character, including with superpowers. As in similar games, the player will have to take care of his virtual ward: to choose clothes, build a house and decorate it in every way, showing his personality.

5. The Movies

The Movies Best Games Like Sims

This game is a kind of simulation Hollywood producer similar to The Sims. All the player has is a limited budget, with which he has to do everything to create a quality movie. One must keep a close eye on each member of the filmmaking process, boosting their moods and other indicators for maximum performance. If anyone thinks that Hollywood is a paradise for those who want to make movies, this game shows that this is far from the case.