Does Instagram Notify Someone If You Screen Record Their Story?

There are some Instagram Stories that are just too delicious to delete when shared by a crush or an old buddy.  You know you need to screen record it before it disappears in 24 hours.

You may be worried that they will be informed if a screenshot or recording is made, as this is the case on other sites with time-limited stories such as Snapchat.

Does Instagram Notify Someone If You Screen Record Their Story?

It’s understandable to think twice before clicking the screen record button. Olivia, 19, tells Bustle that she is nervous that the person she has feelings for would figure out that she has been secretly recording their stories.

How important is it to permanently preserve someone’s Instagram Story on your screen? Keep reading to find out the exact scenarios in which that person might learn.


What Are Instagram Stories?

To compete with Snapchat, Instagram implemented a new function in 2017. They came up with the “Story” feature so that customers may periodically upload photos and videos of special events.

To stories, you can add information about your daily activities, tricks, and other useful information.
In a nutshell, Instagram Stories is a safe space for everyone.

Their unique selling point is that they vanish after a day. With a ring of varying colours surrounding your profile, your stories are being uploaded.

What’s more, you can now select only the most important details from your narrative.

Whether Instagram Sends Any Notification When You Screen Record Someone Story

A 2022 Instagram profile will not alert the user if their Story gets screenshot. It can be screenshotted by anyone who can view it, without the subject being aware of it.

Instagram did not provide a reason for the feature’s removal. Possible explanations include the fact that individuals continued to stealthily take screenshots of Stories.

They quickly learned that to capture Stories in a web browser, they needed to activate aeroplane mode or take screenshots.

Moreover, Instagram Stories can be downloaded from a public profile. When only one person was included in an Instagram Story, a notification will be delivered.

The information is then restricted to direct messaging. Both of you are welcome to watch it once. In addition to the notification that you have taken a screenshot, a starburst icon will appear next to the image or video.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record A Disappearing Photo?

It is true that if you snap a screenshot of a disappearing Direct Message (DM) or photo sent via DM while using Instagram’s Vanish Mode, the sender will be notified.

By activating Vanish Mode, Instagram will remove direct messages immediately after the recipient receives them and alert you if you screen record them.

When you take a screenshot of the vanishing message, a sun icon will show next to the text, alerting the sender that the message will soon disappear. Think carefully about whether or not you want the other person to know that you’ve had the shot.

Does Instagram Still Notify About Story Screenshots?

Instagram no longer alerts you if a screenshot is taken of your Story, although it did previously. As of Instagram’s latest update in October 2018, no notifications will be sent.

A screenshot might be taken without informing the uploader using Airplane Mode or other methods, therefore it didn’t operate as effectively as hoped.

Ultimately was an interesting thought, but it fell short. You can now snap as many screenshots as you like without anyone noticing.


If you’ve read this far, you already know how simple it is to record your Instagram story on a computer. You can now keep a copy of that friend’s birthday video or their recipe they shared on the internet.

You can also record and store the videos your potential mate is uploading. Remember to click the like or share buttons below this post.