Build an Apple Watch App Successfully

With over twenty million Apple Watches being sold every year, there is no denying that it’s the most popular smartwatch in the world right now. And similar to the iPhone, this smartwatch gets defined a lot less by the external and a lot more by the apps it has. This creates a rather unique opportunity for the developers who know how to create an android wear app or Apple Watch app.

Creating an app for the Apple Watch is different from doing the same for an iPhone. Have you been searching for information that will help explain the whole process to come up with a complete Apple Watch app? At TopFlightApps, we can explain everything about designing an Android or iOS wearable. Their blog has articles from where you can find out details on how to build an apple watch app. However, here we are explaining a more abbreviated version, so go ahead.



Guideline on How to Create an Android Wear App or Apple 521Watch App

Given below are the steps to take to successfully create a wear OS app.

1. Understand the importance of context

Apple urges developers to design apps that are to be utilized for a maximum of ten seconds at a go. This is a lot different from creating an app for iPhones where the users are supposed to keep their eyes glued to their devices.

For Apple watches, the interactions have to be quick and casual – a quick date change, a flight arrival update, a quick glance at the email. Thus, there is no reason to replicate all the features from an iPhone app to the Apple Watch.

2. Reduced friction through easy navigation

When you build an apple watch app, the idea is to deliver something that is a lot easier to interact with than a smartphone app. The friction of pocket devices is considerably reduced when it comes to an Apple watch. Nowadays, consumers don’t even need to take their iPhone out and unlock it to open the application. Seamless user experience is the mainstay for Apple Watch apps.


Since the complete user experience cannot come in the watch, developers need to refine their UI to the absolute minimum to correspond to the simplicity of the device. Developers need to take into account the stripped-down user interface, which increases the demand for greater ease of use and navigation.

3. Account for the iPhone dependency of Apple Watch apps

As the Apple Watch SDK (Software Development Kit) remains implanted in the iPhone app Software Development Kit, developers need to understand the finer nuances of these interdependencies. Now, an iPhone has all the relevant codes, whereas Apple Watch applications only contain the UI display and the app resources.

Developers who make an apple watch app know that the functionality and the product will gradually evolve with time. So, all the strategies to scale the app will have to be formulated, keeping this in mind. As the Apple Watch and iPhone share a symbiotic relationship, developers have to micromanage every detail and plan their rollout after careful calculations.

4. Changing the paradigm as per the device

Typically, apps are all about keeping people engaged for the longest possible time. The opposite is true for the Apple Watch. Developers want to make sure that people can go in and out of their app as fast as possible. That’s what makes Apple Watch apps’ experience so successful.

The ones who know how to develop an android wear app understand that users don’t want to scroll up and down or read more than a couple of words. They do not want to keep tapping several times on that small screen. Though they might tap or scroll multiple times initially after buying the new watch, the desire won’t last long.

And that’s you need to know about how to create an android wear app or Apple Watch app. So, are you ready to create the app?