10 Best Alternatives To ‘123Movies’ in 2023

There are quite a few sites online that ensure or promise free movies of high quality. However, they do not deliver anything except advertisements and malware. It has been said that for many years 123Movies has been an exception that offers an ever-growing collection of movies to users all around the world.

To assure whether 123Movies is the best streaming site on the internet, the developers have personally tested many sites until December 2019. They have ended up with the list of the best 10 sites similar to that of 123Movies.

The users can watch their favorite movies and TV shows when 123Movies is unreachable or down due to some problems with 123Movies alternatives. Before we move on to the best 10 other sites, let us know why 123Movies is considered an excellent and popular streaming site worldwide.


What is 123Movies?

123 Movies was first launched almost around 2015. The website had approximately 100 million active users. However, due to its owners and the users, the site was closed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2018.


The domain was named as 123Movies (123movies.to). This site does not work anymore. Although the original site is not streaming across the world, the spirit of 123Movies lives on through the different clone sites and mirrors.

There is only one problem with the clones and mirrors of these sites. The quality of these sites either hits or misses. However, the majority of the time, the quality gets a miss. The user also has to encounter intrusive ads, links that lead to malicious sites, movies.

These sites refuse to load, and many problems arise too. Due to these reasons, many users have transferred to other sites. The developers have requested the users to at least explore the newly launched website of 123Movies.

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Is 123Movies Legal and Safe?

The legality of 123Movies, as well as other sites, is maintained and guided by local laws. The laws and regulations are different in every country. However, streaming is completely legal and is not regulated by any laws. But the United States or Germany are the countries where streaming is not legal.

If the user wants to ensure whether they are breaking any laws or not, it is recommended to consult a legal professional in the user’s country. Additionally, the user can also make an educated decision by using available resources.

The 123Movies can be used for personal entertainment purposes like watching movies. On the other hand, it is different from using this site for commercial purposes. One can be sent to jail if any problem arises.

123Movies Mirror Sites

There are a few 123Movies mirrors that are enlisted below. The mirrors that are listed below were accessible.

URL Status
https://www1.123moviesc.me/ Online
https://123movies.land/ Online
https://123movies.mx/ Online
https://www.123movies.club/ Online
https://www1.123movies.net/ Online
https://123movies.tax/ Online
https://www0.123movies.md/ Online
https://ww1.123movies.actor/ Online
https://www1.123movies.sc/ Online

If it is possible, then the user is recommended to use a mirror. These have established an encrypted SSL connection. This will not allow the user’s internet service provider to monitor his or her activity.

10 Best 123Movies Alternatives {Free & Safe} in 2023

There are a few sites that can be used as alternatives to 123Movies. Some of these sites are explained below so that the users can understand the uses of the sites.

1. Putlocker

Putlocker is considered to be one of the leading alternatives to 123Movies. These two sites are almost similar to each other. Both Putlocker and 123Movies can be identified by their green and the gray color scheme.

Additionally, the minimalist design is similar for both of them. These two sites do not show too many advertisements, which may destroy the experience of the users. The sites consist of TV shows as well as movies.

The users with one click can search movies and shows. Users can browse these sites from any part of the world. Putlocker is the site where the search bar is placed just at the center of the page. This helps the users to find interesting content easily.

2. Vumoo

The homepage of this site is straightforward. But surprisingly, this website possesses the largest collection of movies on the internet. Many people have found this excellent source of content. These users are refusing to come back from this site.

According to traffic statistics, the number of users is increasing day by day. Vumoo provides an extensive selection of movies as well as TV shows. Additionally, users like the reliability of this website.

When the users click on their favorite movies, they can ensure that the movies will start playing without prolong buffering. Frequent interruptions are also presented on this site. This website is said to be very snappy. The website has the facility to load fast on mobile devices.

3. GoStream

The majority of people get tired of watching advertisements while a movie is going on. GoStream is one of the alternatives of 123Movies, where one can watch movies free of cost. The movies on GoStream can be seen without traditional advertisements.

However, many links are present that lead to sponsored sites. But sponsor sites can be avoided very easily without using ad blocks. This website consists of content from different genres.

It possesses the latest Hollywood blockbusters, Childhood classics, and many more. The users need to browse this site if they want an updated selection of recently released movies. They can also find something specific by using the search bar.

4. YesMovies

If the users are movie lovers, then they will accept Yesmovies as their new home. This is the site where the users can rate movies. Additionally, the ratings are displayed on the front page. This will help the user to see at a glance which movies are worth watching.

They can also view the most liked movies. This reduces the time to search for good movies. The contents are mostly HD. But one can also stumble upon the occasional CAM rip or SD quality release.

The contents of this website are available from different sources, which is therefore handy. The website does not host anything on its own servers.

5. FMovies

FMovies is said to be one of the oldest and most respected streaming sites. The website is specialized in movies that are released since 2009. Additionally, this site is a great and magnificent place to find fresh releases of high quality.

The most liked part of this website is that the movie player can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts. The user can press the space button to pause the movie, enter or exit the full screen by using the F key, and go backward by 60 seconds by pressing the J key. These are a few examples where the users can use keyboard shortcuts.

6. SolarMovies

SolarMovies is considered to have the most polished streaming site. However, this site is considered to have a feeling like that of a premium site. However, this site does not require even a simple registration. The user can directly enter the name of the movie that he or she wants to watch.

After that, the user should click on the thumbnail and then press play. Every movie page contains a summary, IMDb rating, duration as well as other information. This will help the users to decide whether they have made the right choices or not.

This site also gives similar suggestions according to the contents that the user watches. This makes it easier for the user to search the movies they want to watch. This reduces wasting of time by continuously searching for wanted movies.

7. GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the best places online where people can watch movies and TV shows without registration. This site consists of movies in many genres. The site possesses action movies, horror flicks, comedies, and many more.

The users who have registered on this website have the ability to request content to be added to the site. The users always want to watch top movies that are streaming around. This is the best place to watch movies that are positioned at the topmost position, according to IMDb.

One of the best features of this site is that the user can watch movies that are sorted according to their IMDb rating. This is the only site that possesses this unique feature, and it is quite useful to the users.

Thereby, a user can start watching movies that are best rated at all times. If the users have no interest in movies, then they have another option to browse this site. They can also watch TV shows on this site. TV shows are arranged on this website just like that of movies.

8. WatchFree

This site is not so popular as other websites. But still, this is considered to be one of the alternatives to 123Movies. The site has good browsing capability. It runs fast as well as features a broad and wide selection of movies.

This site possesses movies with various genres like horror, comedy, action, and many more. Some movies are sometimes available on this website which has not appear on the rest of the popular sites.

This shows that the admins of this website are more dedicated to making the site better and attractive. The only disadvantage of this site is that it shows annoying pop-up windows.

Pop-ups are very irritating for the users. These advertisements are mainly shown when the user clicks on a movie. The users can also install ad-blockers if they want to avoid these annoying advertisements.

9. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is all about video entertainment. Video entertainment includes movies, TV shows as well as viral videos. The site also features content from sites like FailArmy, The Pet Collective, and People Are Awesome.

Popcornflix gives content that has something fun to watch when the users do not even have time to watch a single TV show episode. This site updates its content every day. It also categorizes everything according to the genre.

The new arrivals possess a separate place on this website. The users can easily check what’s new. They can also watch something that seems to be interesting to watch without having to visit IMDb first.

10. Primewire

Primewire has the feature to redesign desperately. Unlike other websites, this site is quite dated as well as unpolished. However, some users like that Primewire is still using its original design instead of modifying it every few years. The main thing that matters the most in these websites is the contents present.

However, this website does not disappoint in this matter. This site even has playlists that feature everything. It includes space movies, western movies about slavery, and many more. The user can also create his or her own playlist and share it with friends.

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The users can even enjoy movies as well as TV shows on the alternative sites of 123Movies. They should keep one thing in mind that these streaming sites are not permanent.

The users are recommended to keep several streaming sites in their bookmarks. They must browse different websites when required to do so. 123Movies alternatives are user-friendly as well.