4 Best Free Writing Apps

As the world of marketing is changing, it opens new opportunities for writers. The writing field is in demand nowadays. However, it is competitive too. As a writer, you need to know the tools to boost your skill. These tools can help you to reduce your time, and you can work on more things. Of course, it will lead to earning more money.

You might have agreed that you spend a lot more time on editing write-ups than actual writing work. If you want to use technology for helping you out and upgrading your skills, then you must read this article. We are mentioning the 4 best free writing apps to help you out in 2023. We are sure that these apps will save you time and energy.


4 Best Free Writing Apps Of 2023

Following apps will help you to check your writing, proofreading, finding out grammar mistakes, words suggestions, and a lot more things. We are mentioning brief information about apps. It will give you an idea to choose your helping hand.

1. Grammarly

With Grammarly, you can just forget about editing and making mistakes while writing. It is the best app for any individual to improve his writing. It offers you features like spelling checking, grammar corrections, punctuation, etc. You will be surprised to see some more features like setting the tone for your writing, taking expert help in your write-ups, words suggestions, and many more.

Grammarly comes with a chrome extension so it would be helpful for you. It goes well with MAC and Windows. It suggests all possible corrections in your copy.You can also set goals for your write-up. Grammarly will check your writing accordingly. It is the best app for setting the tone for writing. You will surely enjoy this app.

2. Ginger

Ginger has excellent text-recognizing efficiency. It helps you to find out errors in your writing. With Ginger, you can be worry-free even if it is carping copy. You would be happy to link this app with your social media apps and Gmail. We often write our thoughts on social media.

Moreover, commenting is our habit. But we don’t want to make mistakes while posting anything on social media.This app will become your helping hand in such a case. Also when we make emails most of them are officials and it’s not a good impression to make silly grammatical mistakes in that.

So, using ginger you can check your emails too. You can be sure about your text. It will also make a good professional impression.Ginger is also available in the mobile application. That would make the process effortless. You can text back anytime you want. Ginger will be there for you.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is the best app to edit your text for reaching out to more people. Here you need to copy-paste your text in the Hemingway’s window and it will suggest you all possible correction.

You will get well-suited words, correct tenses, voice corrections, and many more things. Hemingway also offers you the feature for checking writing efficiency. This app will check your writing and suggest to you how easy it is to read.

4. OneLook

OneLook is a great website for enhancing one’s vocabulary. Here you will get all possible synonyms for the word. You can also find the meanings of words.

This is the online site that provides you a great range of words to make your writing impactful. It also has reverse dictionary features to find the meanings of the words. This is a great tool for you to make your writing crisp.


As a writer, we spend a lot of time re-reading and editing our write-ups. It’s important to share grammatically correct writings for conveying exact meaning. But now we can use these tools to save our time and efforts. We hope you will like it and find it helpful.