10 Ways to Fix Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

The Windows key by all means is an integral part of the keyboard which performs various simple tasks and also starts your Start menu. Due to its wide use and acceptance, it’s the inability to work sometimes causes anxiety and frustration in the minds of users. Every Windows user might have encountered this problem of Windows key not working properly on their personal computer in one or the other way around.

It is used for performing various small activities and occupies a crucial value in the Windows computer. There are tiny bits and bytes functions of Windows key which are used from low level to high programming level. Several shortcut functionalities like Win + R and etc make it more useful than other keys.

Due to the wide use of this specific key several users have complained about its inactivity and raised issues on its performance. They encounter the problem of Windows Key not working and try their best to find out the best possible solution in order to make it working again.


10 Ways to Fix Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

Today after a detailed investigation on this topic we will be discussing few options that you can try out and make your Windows key functional again. So let’s dive deep into this by exploring different possible options. Let me tell you this that before going into the multiple solutions you must create a backup of your personal files in order to keep them safe for further use.

Solution 1: Changing The Registry

Sometimes this problem arises due to the issues in the registry. So this can be solved using changing the registry in your personal computers. One might be extra cautious during changing the registry as it causes destruction in the hard drive and the whole computer might get damaged.

So you must ensure to have a proper backup of all the necessary files before changing the registry in order to retrieve the previous one if something goes wrong. You need to go through the following paths in order to change the above mentioned:

Step 1: One must first open the Task Manager window and go to File and then Run a new task.

Step 2: In the Task Manager you need to type regedt32 and press enter to move to the next step.

Step 3: Then mark your way towards the left pane and pick the local machine\system\CurrentControlSet\Control\keyboard layout key.

Step 4: Widen that key and search for Snapcode Map registry entry. After finding it you should destroy it and come back from the registry editor.

Now check by restarting your PC that whether this issue is solved or not. If there is any difficulty while finding the Map entry, then it might be possible that it is missing from your PC. So you must opt for another solution in order to solve the problem.

Solution 2: Do a Malware And Virus Scan

It is a well-known fact that viruses and malware can damage and corrupt your files inside the PC and make your system ineffective. This might be the possible reason for the problem of the Windows key not working. It makes the Windows key dysfunctional. In order to be on the safe side always perform a virus scan once in a week from any antivirus software.

There are plenty of software available in the market which can be used for this purpose. You can also use the Windows defender application which is inbuilt in Windows OS and helps you in removing unwanted materials. You must below the below-mentioned steps in order to proceed to the scanning:

Step 1: Go to the start menu option of your Windows OS and select settings.

Step 2: Select the Update option and then start Windows defender for further steps.

Step 3:Locate the shield icon that is present on the screen.

Step 4: After reaching there you must select the option of advanced scan in order to scan fully.

You must restart your computer after you eliminate the viruses from your computer in order to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 3: Disabling The Gaming Mode

Mostly it is seen that users use gaming keyboards for either playing games or their actual keyboard is damaged or has some issues. In that case, you will be having the support of gaming mode on your keyboard which makes some of the keys nonfunctional while we are playing games in order to give us a better gaming experience.

If you accidentally press the Windows key during the game then your game will be minimized and other applications will open causing a lot of trouble to the hard-core game lovers.

So mostly gamers used to prefer gaming keyboard so that it can support the mode and these kinds of activities should be stopped. One must ensure that whether the gaming mode is on or not while you are encountering the problem of the Windows key not working. Turn it off if it has been initially turned on.

Some other devices such as Apex M800 etc have a secret gaming mode that is invisible to the users. In order to switch it off, one should press SteelSeries along with the Windows key to see the effect.

The instruction manual of the keyboard should be studied properly as different kind of keyboards has different modes of making their gaming mode ineffective. Keyboards like Corsair carry their own software which handles some of the keys and other tasks.

So you must use their software in order to change the Windows key functionality. You can make the Windows key work again through Dragon gaming center, then System tuner for MSI laptops.

Solution 4: Check Out the Lock Button

Whereas some support Gaming mode with switched on while some keyboards contain a Win Lock button to carry the same operation. It also does the same function of disabling the Windows key from your PC. You must need to have an eye whether you are having a Win Lock button or not.

This key is usually present along with the control button. Once you are able to find it on the keyboard press that and you will notice that your Windows key is working again. This will eliminate your problem. If these solutions didn’t work out for you, we have still plenty more options to look upon.

Solution 5: Create a New Account

The problem of the Windows key not working can be fixed by making a new account on your PC. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to make the new account:

Step 1: Go to the Settings section and activate the Accounts section there.

Step 2: You must proceed forward to the Family and other people option

Step 3: Under that option, you need to select Add someone else to this PC.

Step 4: After that, you must click “Add a user without a Microsoft account”.

Step 5: Set a name for the new user and participate in the further questions in order to validate the account.

As soon as you make the new account one must log out of its current account. He/she should immediately sign into this newly created account. The window key problem should have been solved so far but this can be stopped due to the software incompetency. One needs to replace missing or corrupt files from the PC and install all the files etc into its new account which is recently created.

Solution 6: Perform a System File Checker Scan

Step 1: Locate and start Task Manager and then go to File and then Run new task.

Step 2: Inside that, you will be able to find Create new task window, press cmd, and mark all the boxes inside this with administrative privileges.

Step 3: Inside your Command Prompt Window, write scannow and press enter for further results.

Step 4: The scanning might take some time son one needs to be patient while all this is happening.

As soon as your scanning is complete you must restart your PC in order to check its effect on the working of the Windows key. One needs to start the command prompt and enter DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth in it if the issue was still there.

If the scan hasn’t brought any fruitful results then one might opt for DISM scanning. This can be quite useful in removing the error. First of all, open the command prompt using the instructions mentioned above. Then type the command of “DISM/online/Cleanup-Image/ScanHealth” and press OK to see its effects.

Solution 7: Uninstall Bad Keyboard Drivers

One must uninstall the bad keyboard drivers and install it again in order to fix this error. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for reinstalling drivers.

Step 1: After starting the Start menu you need to select run or press simultaneously Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys for the next step.

Step 2: Task Manager will be opened where you have to enter Run a new task.

Step 3: Type devmgmt.msc there and start that by pressing enter.

Step 4: One needs to select the Uninstall device after exploring the keyboard section.

Step 5: You should uninstall the drivers that were causing the trouble.

Step 6: In case you trying your hand on a USB keyboard then it will be easy for you to uninstall the drivers. You just need to remove the power source initially and then again give it supply which eventually updates the correct drivers in your system.

Restart your PC in order to check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Solution 8: Use Powershell Command

Powershell command comes in handy when it comes to fixing issues in your system. It is a toolkit provided by Windows OS itself which makes you eliminate the unnecessary files and folders from your PC.

You can try and experiment with a lot of stuff using this tool but one also needs to be extra cautious while using this. Any changes in this can put you into trouble later on. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to advance further.

Step 1: Enter Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys together in order to open the task manager.

Step 2: Inside that one needs to Run New Task after opening the file.

Step 3: Tick the checkboxes present inside Powershell with the label “Create this task with administrative privileges ” and then press enter.

Step 4: You need to write AppXPackage-Alluser|For each{Add-AppxPackage-DisabledevelopmentMode} and press Ok after all this.

Step 5: Hopefully the Windows key shall have become functional by now. If not, no need to worry we have few more options available to us in order to tackle this problem.

You must create a backup of PowerShell as this can go wrong also. So to be on the safer side it is advisable to make a backup in advance. If your PC is still unable to come out of this trouble instead of all these solutions, then the most obvious reason could be the damaged apps that are making it disabled. So it would be better for you to re-register all the apps available on the pc.

First of all, start the Start menu and write PowerShell in the search option. Open it and run it using run as administrator. Wait until your apps are getting re-registered. As soon as this procedure is completed you must restart your PC to check whether the problem is solved or not.

Solution 9: Restart Your Windows or File Explorer

The main important component of your Windows OS is the file explorer which helps in multiple ways. It can eliminate the problem we are trying to solve. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to take a step further in this solution.

Step 1: Hold Ctrl+ Alt + Del key all together in order to start Task Manager.

Step 2: Explore and locate Explorer on your Windows screen and select the End task option.

Step 3: Select the file and Run a new task.

Step 4: One must write explorer.exe and press OK for further process.

Solution 10: Switch Off The Filter Keys

You can encounter several faults in the OS due to this Windows key not working error. It can be due to the filter keys that are accidentally made on. This affects your system performance and causes lots of changes in them. Follow the steps for turning off the keys:

Step 1: Select the Start menu and open settings.

Step 2: Search through settings to find out Ease of Success and hit OK after selecting it.

Step 3: Look out for the special keys and make them off for better performance of the PC.


So these were all the possible fixes that could be used in order to correct the Windows key not working problem. These kinds of issues mostly occur due to faulty hardware. If you are done with all the solutions then it will be better for you to replace your keyboard. We hope these solutions might have fixed the problem for you.