U.S. Relationship With Taliban Unclear After End of Afghanistan War, Senior Defense And Diplomatic Officials Say

Secretary of Defence, who goes by the name of Lloyd Austin, said to the public on Wednesday that it was not yet clear what kind of relationship, if there is any kind of relationship at all, there is going to be between the United States and the Taliban. They are doubtful about what the Pentagon would have with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This is indeed all going on after the Western forces spent 20 years in Afghanistan, and they have been fighting with the Islamist militant group, which we all know about. So what is the next move? What is going to be the relation between the two now since America has completely withdrawn from Afghanistan? It is a matter to worry and think about.

U.S. Relationship With Taliban Unclear After End of Afghanistan War, Senior Defense And Diplomatic Officials Say

“It’s hard to predict where all of this will go in the future with respect to the Taliban,” Austin told reporters at the Pentagon. He was asked about the future of the country and what was going to happen in regards to the front of the relationship between the two – namely the United States and the Taliban. Many people and common folks are also actually worried about it.

“We have no idea, and we do not know what the future of the Taliban is,” said the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Army Gen, Mark Milley.

“I can obviously tell all of you from personal experience that this Taliban is as said to be a very ruthless group. They have been like this since from the time of the past, and it is difficult to say what’s to come. We shall wait, and then we will find out whether or not they change,” Milley said to the news.

The question was asked at the State Department of the United States too. Undersecretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland said that they can not say anything yet since it was premature to say.

“Our relationship with the Taliban will be most definitely be defined by what they do and definitely not by what they say,” Nuland said in her statement to the press. “Now after saying that, there are some really urgent questions, like that of the humanitarian condition of all the people of Afghanistan that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. So we are looking at those things,” she said. That was all that needed to be known in this context.