Two Major Bitcoin Mining Companies Are Battling It Out In A Texas Town of 5,600 People

Two of the biggest Bitcoin Companies are battling it out in the town of Rockdale, Texas. It is strange to see two big companies like this battle out over a small rural town that had not more than 5,600 people.

They are fighting for the shares and cheap electricity that is present and available in the town. The two companies also happen to be the next-door neighbors, and this makes the matter more Interesting and hilarious at the same time, if not anything else.

Two Major Bitcoin Mining Companies Are Battling It Out In A Texas Town of 5,600 People

Bitdeer is the first firm, and it is a firm that had been there in the market for some time, and it had spun off from Chinese bitcoin mining giant Bitmain. The second one of the companies in this competition is named Riot Blockchain. This is one of the biggest publicly traded mining companies in America. They are both tenants of the same property.

This is really a serious business where we do see the matter at hand to be something of importance in the cryptocurrency market. There is also a good deal of amusement that can be enjoyed from the situation, especially for people who seem to enjoy competitive fights and rivalries.

“In this industry, and we mean the Cryptocurrency industry,  everyone is intrigued, and all the people are like, ‘Ooh, top-secret, we have proprietary information!’ Well, but the fact of the matter is you don’t,” said Whinstone CEO Chad Harris in a news statement.

“You are in this industry, and you take a cable, you are unsure, but you plug it into a machine that had not been built by you but had been already built by somebody else, then you take the step further, and you turn it on, you add to a pool, and when you mine bitcoin.” He continued in his statement.

That’s all that is available for now. We will be sure to know when matters escalate or take another turn. We will let you know about it too. So make sure that you keep an eye out for the news.