Change is the only constant in the world. So the initiative taken by tinder is most probably going to change the online dating scene too. When Tinder announced that they might be adding videos to the users’ profile so that it is not only the still pictures that are going to take the attention of the people, the entire future of the online dating scene changed.

The fact that this change was brought about by the Covid 19 pandemic is astonishing indeed. During the pandemic and the lockdown that was prevailing all over the world, people could not risk going out on actual dates, and as a result, they went out on virtual dates, and they became more comfortable with the concept of videos. This was fuelled by the entire life of everyone shifting online, ranging from work to dating.

Tinder Thinks Online Dating is Going To Change

“It’s a little bit less of a transactional environment now, where people want to get to know people better virtually before they agree to meet off online,” Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone said of dating post-Covid on CNBC’s “TechCheck.” “That really sets up a situation where Tinder is this iconic brand, but could really become more of a platform and provide experiences and all kinds of other ways for people to get to know each other.”

Many more changes might be as well coming to Tinder. The addition of videos to the profile can change the game, and there will be some additional interesting new features to explore too. Everyone is really looking forward to it. So we just need to wait and be patient to figure out what’s next. It ought to be interesting!