Top 7 Things To Do in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is a city located in Oklahoma in the United States. It is well known for its oil industry and it is situated near the Arkansas River. You can find greenery in public places and there are farm-to-table restaurants which look very creative.

If you are planning to visit Tulsa, then have a look at the following places. They are the best places to look in the city. So, the list contains 7 places to visit in Tulsa.

Things To Do in Tulsa, OK


Top 7 Things To Do in Tulsa

1. Route 66

You can see rustic buildings in the portion of route 66 which will remind you of the small-town lifestyle in America. On your drive, you can find Ollie’s station restaurant which is the inspiration for the Cars animated movie.

You may also plan a stop at Campbell Hotel which is a restored building from the 1920s. A fun fact about this hotel is that it offered a room for 50 cents a night in 1927. You can complete your drive by visiting Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza where you can see a lot of sculptures.

2. Gilcrease Museum

Gilcrease museum contains West America’s most comprehensive artwork. It is managed by both universities of Tulsa and the City of Tulsa. It has more than a hundred thousand books stored in it with maps, unpublished documents, and materials that are available for researchers. You can find great artworks like bronze statues of Frederick Remington and original paintings of Thomas Moran.

3. Tulsa Drillers Baseball

If you are into sports, you definitely do not want to miss this in Tulsa. Wait for the matchday of Tulsa Drillers at the ONEOK Field downtown. You can have a good stadium experience in the game. Also, the place offers one of the best views of the downtown. You can find a great variety of food in the stadium.

4. The Golden Driller

The golden driller is a 76 for the tall statue. It represents the city’s history with the oil industry. If you want to take a photo with the statue, make sure you are in the right place and position because capturing a 76-foot statue in a photo is not an easy task. You will get a sense of Tulsa’s oil history after seeing the statue.

5. The Tulsa Arts District

In the Tulsa Arts District, you can find nice shops and studios, a performance theatre, a confectionary, and a glass blowing studio. You can find various coffee shops at this place, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself with a cup of coffee. Cain’s Ballroom is one of the best attractions in the district.

Originally, it was a dance hall. Later, it was renovated as a performance venue. You can find renovated red brick building blocks in the district. Actually, it is one of the oldest districts.

6. Tulsa Air and Space Museum

The air and space museum of Tulsa is one of the most visiting tourist spots in the city. The museum shows the history of aviation, starting from hot air balloons to the city’s contribution to the ISS (International Space Station). It also has flight simulators which can be used to demonstrate the working of flights.

Also, there is an entirely separate space for kids to help and explain about aviation. Make sure you do not miss the art planetarium, an immersive 3D theatre that gives you a unique experience.

7. Discovery Lab

It is a museum specially designed for children. This museum engages your kids with disciplines like art and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). A highlight of this museum is it contains a slide made out of completely using packaging tape. The slide is nearly 30 feet in length.


So, these are some of the places to look for in Tulsa. If you want to visit a city that feels like a small town and if you want to know about the oil history of America, then Tulsa is a must-visit place for you. After reading the article, don’t just think these are the seven places that are worth watching in Tulsa, but there are a lot of other exciting places to look up in the city. Thank you for reading the article.