The EU is Planning a 9-Month Expiration Date on Its Covid Vaccine Passports

The European Union had been planning to have a nine-month expiration date on the vaccine passes. Yes, in simple words, we can sum up the crux or core matter of the situation in just one line.

Now, if you have not known about this pass, then let us tell you. This pass had been like a certificate that allowed all the travelers going to Europe to travel more quickly in the pandemic situation.

The EU is Planning a 9-Month Expiration Date on Its Covid Vaccine Passports

The pass is more of an e pass that can be said to be a certificate too. Many people or we should say travelers, have got it which allows the people to move freely with a lot of minimum restrictions. It is indeed a convenient thing to have if you are traveling in Europe.

However, the European Union seems to have decided that this pass should have an Expiration Date. It can not like going on forever. So on the day, they have decided that this will happen and that this pass or certificate or whatever you would like to call it will give a 9-month expiration date.

Why are they doing this? Well, the answer is pretty simple. The number of coronavirus cases is on the rise again in Europe. If you look at the number of cases that they have recorded recently, then you might think that it is indeed one of the potential threats to the place for having another wave of the coronavirus.

In such a situation, they can not risk it anymore since the immunity power of the vaccine decreases with the passage of time, and then you can not think that the virus won’t severely affect you. So as your immunity might wane after 9 months of the last vaccine, you will not be suited to travel freely anymore. This is why they have decided on what they have decided. We hope that makes sense. That is all that we have for now.