U.S. Judge Rules That United’s Employee Vaccine Mandate Can Continue

The United States judge had given the ruling that allows United Airlines to go ahead with their employee vaccine mandate. They are known to have one of the strictest mandates that had been seen around the country.

It is indeed essential to have a good vaccine mandate in such a situation to make sure that no one is actually putting themselves and the people around them at risk of infection by the coronavirus. However, many people are against this. It does not make sense to them.

U.S. Judge Rules That United's Employee Vaccine Mandate Can Continue

United Airlines have announced in September that all the employees of the airlines had to be completely vaccinated in order to work there. They have made exceptions for the people who can not get vaccinated because of medical or religious matters, and they have not completely forced to fire them, they have put them on unpaid leave. Six of the employees have filed a suit against the airlines to disband this policy of the vaccine mandate taken by the company.

United States District Judge is named Mark Pittman wrote in his ruling: “it is not for the Court to decide if United’s vaccine mandate is bad policy. Rather, it is the Court’s role to determine if Plaintiffs carried their burden to obtain a preliminary injunction.”

United Airlines have gone ahead and said this to the news on Monday that within the company, all of the roughly 2,000 employees out of the bunch, those who were granted religious or medical exemptions to the vaccine mandate can easily now apply for non-customer facing roles that are there for the public. Those who are not going to apply are going to be put on leave.

“We are working to identify non-customer facing roles where accommodated employees can apply and continue working until it is safe for them to return to their current positions,” it said in a news statement.