10 Things to Do in Tampa

Tampa is a large city in the state of Florida in the United States. It is located on Florida’s west coast and is known as the Tampa Bay Area.

Tourist attractions abound along the coastlines of this location. Amusement parks, botanical gardens, zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, museums, and many more attractions can be found here.


10 Things To Do In Tampa

Tampa also has intriguing locations to unwind. There are unique eateries, river walks, and urban parks in Tampa’s downtown area.

Once you’ve arrived in Tampa, you’ll find a plethora of activities to try. So, if you’re visiting Tampa for the first time, here are a few things you can do.


1. Busch Gardens 

Busch Gardens has a total size of 335 acres. It is a Tampa-based animal theme park with an African theme. Busch Gardens has a lot of roller coasters. SheiKra, Montu, Zadra, Falcon’s Fury, Tigris, and Iron Gwazi are just a few of the famous roller coasters that can be found here.

The thrill coasters, live music by musicians, and animals in natural settings are the main attractions here. Busch Gardens is home to a wide variety of animals. Attractions include hand-fed kangaroos and giraffes. It’s a new kind of experience to observe park employees caring for various creatures.

In the park, we can go on a midnight safari. It provides us with a breathtaking opportunity to observe the animals as they roam the fields and villages.

2. Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa

It covers a total of 3 acres. The Tampa Zoo was named the best location to visit with kids by US Parents Magazine.

There are almost 2,000 creatures in the park, all of which are living in their native habitats. Visitors may get up close and personal with creatures like as the Indian Rhino, a rare species on the verge of extinction, and feed them.

Elephants and penguins from Africa, as well as Florida panthers, are popular species in this area. Every year, the Tampa Zoo conducts a number of activities that both tourists and locals can enjoy. If you visit this location, make sure you do not miss the African Safari Tram trip, which takes us through the animal habitats.

3. The Henry B. Plant Museum 

In the year 1891, the Henry B. Plant Museum was converted into a museum. Initially, it was the Victorian railroad and the Tampa Bay Hotel. It is now designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Many museums today retain the things that our forefathers utilised. The Henry museum, on the other hand, houses the original furnishings that were enjoyed by the first visitors to this old hotel.

This museum accurately portrays the concept of Henry B. Plant, an American transportation pioneer, in whose honour it was erected. It provides a means of learning about Henry Plant’s way of life. The University of Tampa was built on a portion of this structure.

4. Save the Big Cats

The Big Cat Rescue is a non-profit organisation dedicated to rescuing abandoned cats. Kay Rosaire launched the company in 1987.

More than 150 exotic and domestic animals called it home. Animals such as jaguars, lions, tigers, caracals, and other related species can be found here. There are other trips to see the animals, such as night tours, feeding tours, and VIP tours.

The Big Cat Rescue’s major goal was to create a safe haven for homeless cats and to teach visitors about the importance of animal preservation for people. A children’s tour is also available for youngsters under the age of ten years.

5. Tampa Theatre 

The Tampa Theatre, first opened in 1926, is located in the heart of Tampa. It is historically significant in the United States because the theatre was created in an atmospheric manner by John Eberson.

The architecture of the Tampa theatre is influenced by Italic and Greek influences. It includes documentaries as well as independent films. It is an opulent palace that hosts concerts. While watching a movie here, we are transported to a different era.

This theatre is run by the Tampa Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organisation. The goal of this non-profit organisation was to save the theatre and conserve its unique architecture.

6. Tampa Bay’s Past

The Tampa Bay History Museum was located on Tampa’s Riverwalk. It is a historically significant museum in Tampa. The artefacts of the old native people that lived in Tampa can be found here. This structure has three stories and covers 12,000 years of Florida history. There is also a research centre there.

During the last five centuries, this region has seen a variety of multicultural settings. The shipping history, as well as rail routes, are key attractions here. In the permanent galleries, we can learn about the renowned people and tales from Florida’s past.

7. Ybor City 

Ybor City is known for its vintage shops and boutiques. Vicente Martinez Ybor is the one who gave it his name. The Ybor cigar factory was once the world’s largest cigar manufacturer.

However, many factories were closed as a result of the Great Depression. As a result, it has lost its former lustre. It has recently come back to life. This area has a plethora of stores, cafes, and restaurants. The oldest restaurant in the state of Florida was Colombia.

It is the largest Spanish eatery in the world. If you enjoy seeing historic sites, Ybor City is the finest spot to go. You will be exposed to the city’s vintages.

8. Island of Adventure

It is 12 hectares in size and is located in the north-eastern portion of Florida. It’s a part of the sea world’s ecosystem. Adventure Island is known for its rides and swimming pools. Because Florida will be hotter than the rest of the country, spending time on Adventure Island would be a great option.

There are eight water slides on this island: Solar Vortex, Aruba Tuba, Caribbean Corkscrew, Colossal Curl, Vanish Point, Water Moccasin, Calypso Coaster, and Riptide.

Endless Surf, Paradise Lagoon, Rambling Bayou, Fabian’s Fun Port, and Splash Attack are among the many pools that surround the island. Adventure Island has a wide variety of dining options, from appetisers to ice cold cafes. We can also go shopping for reasonably priced items.

9. Riverwalk in Tampa

The biggest reason to go to the Tampa Riverwalk is that it is free and is surrounded by parks and bridges. It is a 4.2-kilometer pedestrian promenade that runs parallel to the Hillsborough River.

This Riverwalk is a continuous path that connects a variety of tourist sites such as parks, hotels, museums, and other attractions. This structure was constructed in 1970. Curtis Hixon Park, which opened in 2010, is the main attraction here.

The Tampa Riverwalk’s Historical Monument Trail is made up of bronze and marble busts. We can also find eateries that serve wonderful and appetising cuisine.

10. Sunshine Skyway 

The Sunshine Skyway is a bridge that spans the Tampa Bay area at Lower Tampa Bay. The bridge was christened the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway as a result of the Governor’s decision. It serves as a link between St. Petersburg and Terra Ceia.

The bridge was destroyed in 1980, however it was later rebuilt. This bridge stretches about 12 kilometres. The bridge’s most remarkable feature is its curved central section, which is hung between two massive pillars.

We may enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and catch the ideal moments while driving along the bridge.


Tampa is a well-known American city where we may locate the ideal places to take a break from our everyday routine. With its beautiful Islands, Gardens, Museums, and other attractions, it will aid us in our recreation.

Glazer Children’s Museum, Museum of Science and Industry, and Tampa Museum of Art are some of the museums in Tampa. Other tourist attractions in Tampa include the Florida Aquarium and Tampa Golf. Many old buildings in the city have been turned into new food halls that serve wonderful meals.