10 Best Things To Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is a well-known city in Spain, and it is located in the north-east corner. It is situated between the Llobregat and Besos rivers’ mouths. Barcelona is a multicultural city known for its arts and architecture.

It can be viewed as a major cultural centre for all of Europe. This city boasts a diverse collection of architectural landmarks. We can sample some of the city’s best cuisine. There are numerous museums there, and we can see magnificent vistas of various regions.


The Mediterranean climate, in particular, provides a special touch to Barcelona’s beautiful settings. One of the city’s most popular attractions is the beach on the northern side. Even if we visit the city for the nth time, we never become bored.

There is always a fresh wonderful place to visit in Barcelona, no matter how many times you visit.


10 Best Things To Do in Barcelona

If you’re considering a trip to Barcelona for the first time, don’t miss out on the best experiences the city has to offer. So, here’s a list 10 Best Things To Do in Barcelona in the city when we visit.

1. Go to The Sagrada Familia

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is a large Roman Catholic church. It is the world’s largest incomplete church. Antoni Gaudi designed and built this church. In the year 1883, he was commissioned to create this piece. His contribution was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Basilica’s external vista is breathtaking. The interior, on the other hand, is significantly different from the exterior. The interiors are bathed in light through windows, and the floor plan is adorned with many symbols, including geometric shapes.

We may appreciate the view of Barcelona from the lift or the steps of the church’s towers.

2. Ramblas del Sur

It is a location that reflects Catalan culture and architecture. Las Ramblas is a well-known site in Barcelona that many visitors enjoy.

In general, it is a pedestrian-only zone. There are just two restricted paths available to us. So, despite travelling by car, we can locate the ideal method to go for a stroll.

Human statues of various creative styles can be found in Las Ramblas. Because it is a popular tourist destination, there are numerous shopping complexes where we may go shopping or enjoy a delicious meal.

This market is always bustling with people, whether it’s night or day. Here, we’ll find great street artists, our favourite food booths, and much more.

3 .Tibidabo

It is the highest point in Spain’s Serra de Collserola mountain ranges. Sagrat cor church is the name of the church that was built on the site.

According to mythology, Tibidabo is the location where Jesus Christ was initially tempted by the devil. If you enjoy seeing city vistas from afar, this is the greatest place to go.

From the top of the hill, we can enjoy a 360-degree panorama. The Tibidabo amusement park is located near the Sagrat cor chapel. While riding on a large wheel, we may enjoy a spectacular view.

4. Indulge in a Cocktail at the W Hotel

Because of its unusual shape, it’s also known as the hotel vela. Ricardo Bofill, an artist, designed the W hotel. This hotel is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its distinctive architecture and the panoramic splendour that can be enjoyed from the hotel.

If you don’t have access to a luxury budget yet enjoy drinks, try one of the wonderful cocktails available here.

5. Ciutadella Park 

It’s also known as Citadel Park, and it’s located on Barcelona’s northeastern outskirts. Barcelona’s “green lung” is considered Parc de la Ciutadella.

It can be viewed as a more tranquil alternative to the beach. This park has shady picnic areas where we may unwind. We can take a peaceful stroll or participate in any sport here.

There are artists playing great music in every area of the park, which can lift your spirits. The Parc de la Ciutadella also has geological and zoological museums. Another fun activity we may do here is go for a boat ride on the lake.

6. Passeig del Born Bar Hop

It’s a place where we can have fun on Friday and Saturday nights. People of all ages, both young and not too young. This avenue’s terraces are fashioned in a mediaeval manner.

The Passeig del Born is a neighbourhood where we may find some unique places to eat and drink. The ancient Spaniards used to hold their events here. Enjoying sporting events is one of them. As a result, this is the greatest place to find activities where we may socialise and learn more about others.

7. Casa Batllo 

There is a significant effect on Gaudi’s style of art in Barcelona. This work is well-known all around the world. Casa Batllo is a modernist architecture designed by Gaudi and inspired by natural shapes.

The Casa Batllo’s interior is meticulously created to match the architectural intensity. It is a UNESCO-designated world heritage site. In the months of June and October, Casa Batllo hosts rooftop performances. Make sure you don’t miss these activities if you visit during those months.

8. Helicopter Tour 

In a helicopter, we can see the scenic splendour of Barcelona from above. This allows us to take in some of the most breathtaking vistas of the city from afar.

There are numerous helicopter trips available from various companies to visit our favourite locations. From the heights of the sky, we can see the most famous sights in Barcelona.

Our cameras can capture these heart-pounding scenes. You can also take the Sky Tour, which will take you through the Sagrada Familia, Camp Nau, and other landmarks in Barcelona.

9. Picasso Museum

Museu Picasso is the ideal spot to go for art lovers. It is a museum where we can see Pablo Picasso’s unique works of art.

The Picasso Museum was spread out among five palaces. They’re made out of buildings from the 13th and 14th centuries. This museum is likely to produce more artworks in the future.

We’d go through all of Picasso’s paintings in chronological order. It’s easy to see how he transitioned from Classical to Cubist Pioneer in his creative forms.

Picasso was also a fan of ceramics, which he used in some of his works. More than 4200 Picasso pieces can be found at this museum. Downstairs in the Museum, we may also see Gothic-style archways.

10. Go to the Beach

The sea breeze, which comes in the shape of waves at the beach, is impossible to ignore. Anyone travelling to a new location would undoubtedly want to visit the area’s beaches.

The beach known as La Barceloneta is within a few metres from Barcelona’s main centre. This beach is renowned as Barcelona’s classic beach. It’s a beautiful spot to relax on the beach and watch the waves roll in. There are a number of additional well-known beaches in the city where you may unwind.

Some of these include Bogatell Beach, Sant Sebastia Beach, Mar Bella Beach, Nova Mar Bella Beach, Llevant Beach, and Nova Icaria Beach.


Barcelona is a fantastic spot to unwind after a long day at work. Famous artworks, delectable cuisine, exciting nightlife, and much more can be found here.

The Font Magica Fountain, Montjuic Castle, Aquarium Barcelona, Maritime Museum, Plateau Sant Felip Neri, and other prominent sites in Barcelona can be visited.

A unique architectural style of buildings can be found, primarily in the Gothic style. Tourists will undoubtedly adore the energy of Barcelona no matter how many times they visit.