They Adapted ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ and Their Personal Beliefs

Miranda performs the piano ballad “Let Go” about her unhappy marriage while Rob McClure, who plays Daniel, is seated next to her onstage.

This excellent performance replaces “I’m Done,” a less endearing song that was dropped following the 2019 Seattle test. The musical received mixed reviews, but McClure’s performance received universal acclaim.

They Adapted ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ and Their Personal Beliefs


They Adapted ‘Mrs. Doubtfire,’ and Their Personal Beliefs

In order to properly contextualise the “guy in a dress” gag, costume designer Catherine Zuber worked with actor J. Harrison Ghee to create the opposing character of Andre, Daniel’s gender nonconforming brother-in-law.

Andre doesn’t just do it as a joke; he dresses up in billowing caftans. By diverting a court-appointed social worker who arrives at Daniel’s run-down apartment, he also saves the day.

McClure, on the other hand, imitates a memorable scene from the movie by changing into and out of his Doubtfire attire and finishing with a pie in his face. “This will all end horribly. You’re aware of that, right? After the experience, Andre smirks.

The Kirkpatrick family was drawn to the “Doubtfire” story because it promoted families and good parenting.

Their first Broadway musical, “Something Rotten!,” which was about an Elizabethan theatre company trying to rival Shakespeare’s Globe in 2015, was entirely original.

They had hoped that their second would be the same, but McCollum persuaded them to pick from a selection of 20th Century Fox films he had been hired to work on. Because “we could identify to this story of a man who would do anything to be with his kids,” Karey said, the crew decided to watch “Mrs. Doubtfire.” (The three writers, along with their producer, are fathers to a total of ten kids.)

Last Words

The father of the Kirkpatrick family was a Southern Baptist music minister who was later appointed to the pulpit. In order to lead a nondenominational church, he relocated the family from Alexandria, Louisiana, to Baton Rouge.